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Posted by Nemo on October 13, 1998 at 13:36:17:

In Reply to: Re: At the Doorstep of World War III posted by John Parman on October 13, 1998 at 08:37:32:

: It is not that the USA, my homeland, is the World's Hooligan, but that once we rebuilt Europe (under the Marshall Plan) we did not remove our troops, so that now we don't have allies, we have dependencies. It is safe to say that we are the World's Policemem. Mainly because America does not see many European nations taking a leadership role to fight oppression of minorities like the Albanians in Kosovo or the Bosnians suppressed and almost destroyed in Sarejevo. It is common to find this Russian Brotherhood you speak of, mainly because the Russians are purely anti-slav and anti-muslim, the Albanians in Kosovo are for the most part Slavic (like the Hungarians and the Romany Gypsies) and the Russians though descending from European and Slavic roots try to destroy the relative that is most looked down upon. Just like the Serbs they work carefully to destroy anyone and anything that they do not understand and will not take the time to understand. It is sad that, as I said, the nations of Europe will not take the initiative to police themselves, even the EU, which has passed many laws and has a seemingly firm grasp on power even with the teetering support of Germany, still will ask the United States for a defense loan of 12,000,000,000 dollars(US$). it is inderstndable that the EU will not stop the loan application or try to force the US out of Europe, they know that once the troops go home, key spending in Europe will fall, and perhaps, this is a big concern: America will lose some interest in the budding Europe of the 21st century. I cannot see Europe moving towards a common defense, much of what we see on the news here are figurehead armies with American guns, American-designed tanks (come on, no tank has been built in Western Europe since 1994) and planes (except the french and Swedes) It is sad that Europe does not face the problem of its defense. It is just that they know that if a war does break out, godd ol' Uncle Sam and his fightin' men and women will jump up and fight for them.

: In peace,

: John Parman

Dear John,

I am really glad you took up this discussion, and I beg other Ladonians to express their views on the matter.

I must first of all apologise for my jumping to conclusions about Americans. It’s true, one shouldn’t generalise from a few cases to many. It’s a pity, though, that not the best Americans were featuring in media lately (and I do not mean Bill Clinton).

What concerns your comment on Russians: they might be anti-muslims, but anti-slavs - NO. Russians can rather be accused of being pan-slavinists. I actually did not wish to come to ethnic terms in my first letter at all, but if you insist... Russia will give a helping hand to any Slav nation. (As you should know, Romany Gypsies descend from Indian roots, however, that is not the topic of this discussion at all) As to conflict in Serbia - that is not the question of understanding, it is rather a question of a territory dispute.

There is an internal conflict in Serbia. A conflict which must be solved, not suppressed. Bombing will only achieve a suppression of this conflict, so that it will come to daylight again at a later point. This is the «red band» of this whole discussion.

You say «Europe will not take the initiative to police themselves», but let’s think of a hypothetical case of a dispute between two states in the USA. How would USA react if it was due to be bombed because of that without given *necessary* time to solve the conflict (because some other country decides how much time is necessary).

I wish to remind you that Russia is also a part of Europe, and Russia developed both new planes and new tanks. But what’s the point? Is it worth - and worthy - boasting with new weapons of murder?

You speak of defence of Europe. Defence from whom? Internal conflicts should be solved by the countries themselves (with some *optional help* - not destruction - from the world). Conflicts between countries should be solved by diplomats. Making new weapons and speaking of a need of defence implies enemies. If there are no enemies, they must be created - thus «defence» can become a surest way to war. Right now nobody asks «good ol' Uncle Sam and his fightin' men and women» «jump up and fight», because there is no major international conflict which requires such measures. No European state is in danger, but the whole Europe will be in danger if NATO-initiated war will break out! Another dangerous part of such intervention is taking part, which implies further division and further escalation of conflict (Do not forget the famous «divide and rule»!)

Another point. Media have a very one-sided view on the conflict in Serbia. One speaks of Bosnians and Albanians seeking refuge. Why on earth have the media forgotten thousands of Serbs who had to abandon their homes..?

There is one subject which you ignored in your reply, but which is in principal central for this discussion. Russia’s aggression against Chechen republic. [I must clarify two things at this point: 1) although I am Russian, I disapprove of the whole lot of things Russian *government* does; 2) I partly meant this discussion as a display of inconsistency in international politics] The situation in Russia was in principal equivalent with the situation in Serbia. Thousands upon thousands of people on both sides were killed. 80% of all boys from 1975 and 1976 are killed. I might have been among those if I hadn’t left Russia, as almost none of my class-mates from school are alive. Where was the World’s Policeman’s reaction then? Why weren’t Russia bombed to stop that aggression?

Well, to tell the truth, I would also oppose to bombing of Russian installations, even if that would have stopped the conflict and save (ironically) thousands of Russian lives. For the same reason - that would postpone the conflict, and make further killing a historical necessity, whereas now, without intervention, the Russian-Chechen conflict is very close to being solved. (Speaking of interventions, Europe tried it on Russia in 1917-1918, and that did not help either; and there are many more other historical examples...)

It was politicians and historican background, who produce the conflict, just what happened in Serbia. Usual people were against it - on both sides, and I tell you that an average Serb is as just sick and tired of this conflict as an average Albanian.

One last word. World’s Policeman? I didn’t know policemen in America had the right to kill a husband when called to a domestic case of husband beating up his wife... That’s exactly what NATO is about to do!


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