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Posted by Christer Andersson on September 10, 1998 at 01:08:14:

In Reply to: Re: Befria Skåne??? (Without a translation) posted by Nemo on September 09, 1998 at 11:55:36:

Well, I don't think I ever will "win" this discussion. You have certainly thought a lot about why you like Ladonia, Nimis and Arx.
But I must say that I have some difficulties to see the similarity between Nimis, Arx and Stonehenge. I find it like arrogance, competing with "God"! (in swedish, "hybris")
You compare Nimis and Arx with the bird nests. Nests are build because they naturly have to do it. Nimis and Arx don't have to be there for humans survival.
One thing that you didn't answer was the thing about what it would be if everybody would build their own Arx and Nimis. Is it everybodys right to do as they want, and not follow the law (anykind of law), in our modern society. (With that I don't want to say that this modern society we have today is the best of all, but it is in this we all live and it will not be changed over a night.)
So what I want to say is that you may have any thought and you may say anything you want, but you just can't build anything you want if the land isn´t yours (and that's not sure even then). I'm sure that the people that build Stonehenge was the owner of the land.
And if I build my own house in natural material and with "ekological" heating and so on, and called it sacred (as my own definition of sacred). Would it be my right to build it anywhere I liked?

You are hundreds of years to late with your Nimis and Arx.
Good luck with Ladonia, but I'd rather see Nimis and Arx in the heaven.

: Yours sincerely,

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