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Posted by Nemo on September 23, 1998 at 18:26:24:

In Reply to: Re: Befria Skåne!!! posted by Christer Andersson on September 10, 1998 at 01:08:14:

: Well, I don't think I ever will "win" this discussion. You have certainly thought a lot about why you like Ladonia, Nimis and Arx.
: But I must say that I have some difficulties to see the similarity between Nimis, Arx and Stonehenge. I find it like arrogance, competing with "God"! (in swedish, "hybris")
: You compare Nimis and Arx with the bird nests. Nests are build because they naturly have to do it. Nimis and Arx don't have to be there for humans survival.
: One thing that you didn't answer was the thing about what it would be if everybody would build their own Arx and Nimis. Is it everybodys right to do as they want, and not follow the law (anykind of law), in our modern society. (With that I don't want to say that this modern society we have today is the best of all, but it is in this we all live and it will not be changed over a night.)
: So what I want to say is that you may have any thought and you may say anything you want, but you just can't build anything you want if the land isn´t yours (and that's not sure even then). I'm sure that the people that build Stonehenge was the owner of the land.
: And if I build my own house in natural material and with "ekological" heating and so on, and called it sacred (as my own definition of sacred). Would it be my right to build it anywhere I liked?

: You are hundreds of years to late with your Nimis and Arx.
: Good luck with Ladonia, but I'd rather see Nimis and Arx in the heaven.

: : Yours sincerely,
: Christer

First of all, I'd like to protest against your phrase '...Nimis, Arx and Stonehenge. I find it like
arrogance, competing with "God"'. In this phrase you show that common point of view, that the
things of culture, created for several hundreds of years ago are much better than the things
created today. But aren't they rather equal? They have, after all, been created by the same
humans. As to similarity, I thought I expressed my point of view rather plainly, yet I'll make
another try. The main things, which are in common between Stonehenge and Ladonia, is that
they are both built by people on the land, which they saw fit for their sacred place. Celts did
not own the land, they came and declared the land for theirs. From then on, it was their
communal property. Who gave a written permission for the Celts to build Stonehenge? Who
gave written permission for the Swedes to build Stockholm? Isn't it so that "modern society"
tries to freeze, to stagnate the development? How many "modern societies" before tried to do
just the same? The Law! Yet, it is a thing which is here to day, and changed tomorrow... The
Law is a convention. A Court, making a decision, makes a Law... But what about the
universal, the freedom? Are you free only as long as you are not trying to run..? (This
discussion could as well be named not "Liberate Skåne", but "Liberate human being")

Concerning nests... There are lots of things a human does not have to do to sustain its survival.
I suppose, however, Nimis and Arx would stand in the end of such a list. Human beings need
something which would make difference in their everyday life. Nimis and Arx do exactly this.

Your concern with Nature is praiseworthy. Yet, you could as well be Ladonian. Ladonia does
not harm Nature, on the contrary, it works to preserve that what is most sacred of all... Ladonia
can be looked upon as a forerunner, as an example for future relations between humans and
other animals. The work, the concern is world-wide. Ladonia "owns" (in the sense discussed
above) rainforest land in amazon jungle. And, as Nature is not only Earth, Ladonia took under
its care a part of the Moon and Mars.

Ladonia is not hundreds of years too late, it is some generations too early... But we can wait,
for our view on time is prolonged, and not limited by the span of life of just one generation.
The idea of Ladonia can be traced throughout the history. I would recommend you to read the
last two-three paragraphs from "Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne. At the end, professor Smith
with his friends create a land within the United States, an island within the land.

Your wish to preserve Nature and Ladonia's wish to preserve Nature are the same. Just as I
said, you could have as well be Ladonian... And if you wish, you can become Ladonian.

With regards,

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