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LucasArts StarWars X-Wing
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Looking for the greatest combat flight simulator? Here it is! X-Wing can probably only be bitten by TIE Fighter, though it is also questionable :-)

X-Wing The missions are very well thought-through and put into the StarWars context. The game features three starfighters: X-Wing, Y-Wing and A-Wing. The X-Wing is a rather fast and agile starfighter with a lot of firepower - rebellion's secret weapon. A-Wing is the fastest and the most agile one - the interceptor, capable of speed of upto 180 starunits. Equipped with agile concussions missiles and two laser cannons, it's a pleasure to fly. What concerns Y-Wing - the rebellion's bobmer, it is the only starfighter capable of disabling other ships with its ion cannons. Yet Y-Wing is so slow that is is difficult to stay alive in it...

The game lets you to live into the situation. You begin as a novice pilot, training your flight skills in a maze. Then you can refine you skills in a "simulator" of historic missions. You cannot die there. Then you would proceede to Tours of Duty, the real missions, where you can be both killed and captured. Each Tour of Duty has a finished plot, where you play everything from a key to a secondary role. Thus each mission is of various difficulty level - from kill everybody, through recconisance, to support-and-protect missions. You craft is vulnerable in many ways, and there are many different systems which can both be damaged and repaired. Each finished battle of Tour of Duty appears later as a historical mission. And last, but not least - in each mission you can select your wingmen from other available pilots.

I myself have two pilots: Commander Stas and Captain Ventaun. Stas is a top ace pilot with all Tours of Duty complete (including the Great Trench Run). You may use him as a good wingman, or to rehearse potential Tours of Duty in the Historical missions section. Ventaun is at the beginning of his carrier.

I've taken some screenshots from the game. First of all the cockpit views from all of the three starfighters. A combined picture Star Destroyers v. Calamary Cruisers, Correlian Frigate, Onboard of a Cruiser, A flank of a StarDestroyer.

You might wish to study an X-Wing FAQ to help you through some difficult parts of some difficult missions. By the way, LuscaArts Enternainment Company has a demo of this and many other greate games at And if you need trainers, hacks or some other cute things, go to an FTP site with lots of cheats and hints.
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