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LucasArts StarWars TIE Fighter
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Tie Fighter

TIE Interceptors There is more than one part in StarWars, thus TIE Fighter. You fight on the Empire's side. Perhaps you are convinced that the Empire is right, or perhaps you have been drawn by the dark side of the Force... Anyway, here you are, fighting...

Assault gunboat Much good can also be said about this game. One can look upon it as an improvement of X-Wing. Many functionalities remained the same as in X-Wing. Graphics was largely improved - in combat situations all the starfighters and ships are textured and shaded. As to gameplay itself, some major improvements were made: You can automatically adjust the speed of your starfighter to the speed of your target. This makes it easier to "hang on the tail". You can separatly target various parts of a ship, such as hull, lazers, engines, and destroy them in the first place. The onboard computer gives you a detailed status information about you opponent (% of shields and hull) - I missed it in X-Wing.

TIE Defender TIE Fighter also features more starfighters - six to be accurate. You can take a look at cockpit views for each of them. The plot is extremely realistic. You get to meet all - loyalty, traitory, a feeling that not everything is well in the Empire. You begin with four starfighters and four missions, between which you can freely choose. As you complete these missions, more are added to the list (7 in all), and two more starfighters come into imperial service - TIE Advanced (Avenger), and TIE Defender. Just like in X-Wing you can train your flight skills in a maze and in a "historical missions" section. All of the missions are thouroughly logical, and at one point your life will be at stake due to treatury of your commander.

Avenger What concerns lives... TIE Fighter can automatically backup and restore your pilot so that you do not have to backup your pilot-file manually as I had to do in X-Wing. By the way, if you are interested, you can try out my pilot - Top Ace General Stas, with all missions complete.

Darth Vader I've also got an FAQ for TIE Fighter, but it is not so extensive - just mission objectives and a procedure to complete them. You might also be interested in some screenshots from the game Attack on a platform, Destroying the platform, Imperial city, The Emperor, Darth Vader, A pilot, Launching Avenger, Defender under attack, Reloading bombs, The scene of Honour.

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