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Maps for Eye of the Beholder II

The names of the levels used here correspond to the names, used in the FAQ. You might wish to download an off-line version of these maps (33K), contained in a single executable (source is unknown). You might also be interested in downloading another version of maps, highly integrated with a walkthrough (RAR archive, 87K). Another thing you might wish to do, is to view a clipart gallary, ordered by appearance in various levels.

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Dungeon level. You can also enter a part of it from the forest. Meet the guards.
Level 1

Skeleton level - some tough fights with undead.
Level 2

Slime level and Ant level. No way to rest, and always some cute monsters to fight with.
Level 3

Levev 4 is where you start the game - Forest level.
Level 4

Here you enter the Darkmoon. There are actually two levels here: Darkmoon temple and Priest Chamber
Level 5

Mantis level. I've never liked those creatures...
Level 6

Wasp level. It looks like level 6, yet only a part of it is actually used.
Level 7

Flying snake level. Your faith is to be tested here too...
Level 8

Beholder level - prepare to die... Or get the Darkmoon sign! If you get it, enter the temple at priest level.
Level 9

This is what in the FAQ called One level up. Here you will find some important odds, ends and pits.
Level 10

Basilisk level, where you get gems, shields, fireball burns and other (un)pleasant surprises.
Level 11

Next level, Stange creature level (the name is Guardians), and later on Frost giant level. Don't get decieved on this level, yet you will have to be decieved one place! And one more advice: speak nice to giants - they punch hard!
Level 12

Medusa level. The maze is difficult, remove paralisys is essencial.
Level 13

Priest Chamber with hell hounds and magicians to meet. Lots of illusions, lots of puzzles...
Level 14

Dran Draggore's level. Mindfrayers and salamanders guard it. It is here you will meet mighty Dran, it is here you will meet your doom, or will you..?
Level 15

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