Eye of the Beholder II:

The Legend of Darkmoon


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Enter Khelben's residence

    Eye of the Beholder II - The Legend of Darkmoon


    This is not a walk through. It's simply a set of spoilers for the
various puzzles for this game.

Some basic techniques

1. Pressure plate. Each of them will have different behaviour. To 
activate them, either step on it or leave something on them. Sometime
you need to throw some items there when you can't physically reach them.

2. Hidden button. Check the walls carefully. Sometimes you will find
a protuding brick or buttons. Clicking in them will often open a secret

3. Most door have a button to open them. Sometime a key is needed. There
are some which can be force opened. Others requires you to do something
they can be opened.

4. Cast 'True Seeing' whenever possible. It let you see through secret

5. Always carries some additional items. You won't know when you need them
to activate pressure plate or other mechanism.


    There is a stairway somewhere in the forest. Some items can be 
found here.

Darkmoon temple (0)

    Once you enter the temple, there is no way to get out. 

    From here, there is a staircase down to the dungeon below and another
which leads to the priest chamber.

Dungeon level

    You must look for 4 horns : north, south, east, west wind. 

Skeleton level

    North Wind : in the guard room
    NPC : A thief - He will leave you when you rest.

Skeleton level

    East Wind : found in a certain room when you open 2 doors with
    2 darkmoon keys.

    NPC : Calandra - A fighter

    Weapon : Axe "The Bait"
             Short Sword "Sting"

Slime level

    This is no way you can rest here. If you need to rest, find the
    stone gem fast and get in and out of this level with it.

    South Wind : behind 3 doors, need 2 darkmoon keys, 1 spider key. 
    There is a staircase which let you get out of this level here.

    In a certain room. You will find 9 pressure plates. To open the
    door, you need to place 5 items on the pressure such that a 'X'
    is formed.

        x . x
        . x .
        x . x

    Beyond the door. Through a few secret door. You'll find a stone
    gem, 2 glass sphere (don't lose them), a cloak "Moonshade"

    Portal : Behind a door with a spider lock. Using stone gem on the
    portal will teleport you to a portal in the priest chamber. This
    is one of the way to get out of here.

    Weapon : Sword "Hath Kull" -2 cursed

    Items : Get 3 or more femur/skull. 5 or more rock. 

Ant level

    West Wind : found at the SW corner of the ants level.

    Weapon : Dagger "Sa Shull"

Priest Chamber

    Things to try out : Attack statue. Sometimes a button is hidden behind.

    There is a place where you will find a mouth. You can go ahead only
    when you have the mark of darkmoon.

    Portal : There is a room with a portal. Drop your extra items here so
    that you'll be able to get them easily. Try to group the same kind of
    items together so that it's easier for you to get them later. 

    The crimson lock needs a crimson key. You can only find it later in the

    If you happen to end up in a place where you can find 3 gems and a
    copper key. You'll need to place the 3 gems in the slot where the
    copper key is found. Get the tropelet seed and plant it in the soft 
    ground to grow a portal. Step into it to get of this place.

Temple (Entrance)

    Search for the picture of a wind blowing. Blow the 4 horns here.
    This will break the seal and reveal a staircase up.

Mantis level

    This is the starting level of the test of faith. 

    Weapon : Long Sword "Hunger". 

    To get the sword, you need to go across those electric beam.

              x | . x x x 
     in    --->  . . . x x x 
              x x . x . . --> out
              x | . . . x

    x : permanent beam
    . : moving beam

    Once you get across. There will be a tough fight. If you win the
    fight. Press a button on the wall to switch off the moving beam.

    There is a triangular hole here. Place a rock inside and it will
    turn into a wand. 

    NPC : Tanglor - Fighter / Cleric

    Dying mantis : If you heal it, it will attack. 

    Talking mouth : Give 3 bones to it (femur or skull). You'll get
    a bone key in return.

    There is a place where you will find 2 pits. Press a button on the
    wall to close the first once. Then throw something across the pit
    to close the second one. You can get a mantis key here.

    Mantis Nest : Attack the egg one by one. Don't go near all the way
    or all the mantis will attack together. Get the green gem, then
    put it back to reveal a passage. Get the mantis idol and the
    glass sphere (don't lose it). (You should have 3 glass spheres by

Wasp level

    In the room with 4 levers. 

    1 2    North
    3 4      ^

    Pull levers in this order: 1, 3, 4
    Walk inside the passage. Press a brick on the wall. (Your thief
    should alert you) 
    Walk back again. Pull lever 2. The hole is not closed but you must
    have faith to walk on it.

    There are 2 portals at the end of this level. Take the right portal.

Flying Snake level

    Door I : Fireball trap
    Door III : Fake beholder. It will explore when attacked.
    Door II : Force open a certain door to get the rotten food.
    When asked to choose the right door. Choose the RIGHT door.

    Dying priest : Leave him alone. You'll be trapped inside if you
    kill him.

    The never ending passage : Walk 3 step west. Press a button on the
    wall. You may now walk right in. When your party member complain
    about dizziness. You have step on a spinner trap. Check your

    The hungry mouths:

    1. Your famine, my feast. Rotten food.
    2. Items born of greed. 5 rocks.
    3. Items with the hidden glow. Mantis Idol.
    4. The blade that have eaten much. Long Sword "Hunger".
    5. Tiny and red. Red Gem.
    6. Give me liquid. Potion.
    7. No matter how parched. Scroll.

    Red Gem : One of the mouth will open a certain passage beyond
    door II, go there to get the red gem.

    4 keys and 1 door. Just teleport around until you have 4 darkmoon
    key. Open the door to enter the beholder level.

Beholder level

    This level is very tough. So, there are not much puzzle here.
    Survival is most important here.

    Dying beholder : You can find it some where in the illustionary
    wall. Cast a true seeing spell before entering. Don't heal the
    beholder. Press the wind symbol to go up/down.

    Weapon : Green crystal hammer (important)
    Armour : Dragon skin armour.

    Get the mark of darkmoon at the end of this level.

Priest Chamber

    With the mark of darkmoon, you'll may go further. The talking mouth
    will open a passage for you to enter.

    Break the green shield with the green crystal hammer. 

    Search inside. Look for a slot on the wall. Place something inside
    to open passage. Press button on wall to reach the staircase.

One level up

    Walk around until you are in a big room. Cast a true seeing spell
    to see through the illusionary wall. Enter the portal. You will
    find a polished shield (1).

    6 polished shields are needed later on. So don't lose them.

Basilisk level

    Cast dispel magic on the statues to reveal passage. 

    Soul gem : Beyond the 2 moving holes.
    Heart gem : Beyond the portals.
    Body gem : Behind an illusionary wall near the portals.

    Place the 3 gems in the strange curving to open the door.

    The room with 6 pits and a button. Press button to release monster.
    Don't move, wait for the monster to step on pressure plate. Once
    it stepped on it. Go across immediately. Kill the monster and leave
    something on the pressure plate.

    Beyond this room, you'll find a polished shield (2). Get the crimson
    key lying somewhere in this place. There is also a mouth which offers 
    you a challenge. Take the challenge. Win it to get a polished shield 


    The room with 3 levers. (order them from west to east) 

    Set the levers to up, up, down, then press button.
    Then up, down, up, press button.
    Followed by down, down, up, press button.

    You may now get the amulet of life.

    Room with 6 pressure plates and a moving wall.
    The wall will move toward the direction of the depressed pressure

    1 2 3
    4 5 6

    To get across, step on 4. The wall will move to 1.
    Back off 1 step. Step on 6. The wall will move to 2.
    Turn left and throw something at 4. The wall will move to 1.
    Move forward 2 step to get across.

    Use the eye of talon to open door. Remember to take it back. 

Next level

    You'll need to find 2 keys to open the door to the next level.

    There is a illusionary wall near the locked door. There are two
    doors inside. The left door leads you to a shell key.

    The right door leads you to a certain level where many things
    need to be found.

    Right door : Once you have enter it, you'll find a passage which
    is block by a moving hole. It seem impossible to cross this
    passage. However, a true seeing spell will tell you that one
    of the hole is an illusion.

    1 2 3 4    -> east

    The hole moves from 1 to 2. 2 to 4. 4 to 1.
    Hole 2 is a fake. So you can just wait there until 1 and 2 is
    cleared before you cross.

    The portal there will bring you to a certain level with a strange

Strange creature level

    The room to the east of the portal contains a polished shield (4).

    Boots : Brahma's boots. Found on the pressure plate in the middle
    of the room with lots of fireball flying around.

    Another polished shield (5) can be found beyond the room you find
    the Brahma's boots.

    There are 2 pieces of glass which you can break by attacking it
    with your weapon. Get the starfire in between.

    Use the starfire to open the door. (Place it in slot and then
    remove it).

    You'll will be given an amulet of resurrection and your party was
    told to commit suicide. Don't take that advise. It's Dran who is
    talking to you.

    Just to the west of the place you get the advice is a hidden
    passage where you can find a polished shield (6) and Jhonas' cloak.

    In the room with 11 pressure plates and 2 portals. 

    1          4
    2  7 9  11 5
    3          6

    You need to place 6 items on pressure plate 1-6.
    7 turn on portal B
    11 turn on portal A
    8-10 select the respective pressure plate.

    So, here is what you must do:
    8,7,B : step on 8, then 7, throw something at B

    When pressure plate 1-6 are occupied, the door will opened.

    Beyond the door, you'll find a staircase down.

    You'll be required to cross 2 rooms with moving holes. If you 
    fall, you'll need to clear them again.

    o . .
    o . o
    o . o

    o o .
    o o .
    o . .

    You will reach a portal which bring you back.
    Open the door with the crystal key and take the staircase up.

Medusa Level

    Place the 6 polished shields in the slots on the wall to open the
    door. Get the shields back to protect yourself against the medusa.

    Stone dagger : Found inside maze.
    Tooth : Found inside maze.

    In the room with 4 pressure plates. You'll need to trapped the
    medusa so that she is on top of the pressure plate. To do this,
    lure them inside the room with the pressure plate. Then cast
    hold monster on them. Close the quickly before they try to get
    away. When all 4 pressure plates are down, the door will opened.

    Walk to the end and get the hilt of talon. Search the wall for
    a button to reveal a passage.

    Use the tooth to open the door and step on the pressure plate.

    You'll be brought to the frost giant level

Frost Giant Level

    This level is quite small. Combat is tough. 

    Talon's tongue : You'll find it soon or later.

    Portal : This is near the Talon's tongue. Use the stone dagger
    to get out of this level.

    Pits : Watch carefully. If you fall, you'll be a few level down.

Priest Chamber

    Use the crimson key to unlock the door. 

    Place the eye of Talon, hilt of Talon and Talon's tongue on the
    curving. This melt the wall and you'll get the Talon. Let your
    magician use it and it works best with him.

    There are 2 staircases up and 1 down.

    The one leading down let you get some items.

    The right staircase let you get a crimson ring.

    The left staircase bring you to a room with 6 portals. Get the
    piece of sticky paper. Try out the portal until one of them
    disappear and you found a curving of a ring. Use the crimson
    ring on the wall. Enter.

    Notice that your crimson ring disappeared. This means that you
    can go back from here anymore.

    The flying ring : There is a ring which seem to move whenever
    you approach it. Place the piece of sticky paper on the floor
    to catch the ring. Here you can find 2 crimson rings.

    Use the crimson ring at the end of the passage. 

    You'll be in a circular passage way. Get the Mapaj. Cast true
    seeing. Get the shall rejoice and other items. Go upstairs.

    Look for a giant. Touch him to get coin. Go upstairs.

    Use the coin to open the door (either one will do). Go upstairs.

    Here you'll find 3 barriers and 2 discs. 

    northern disc A ^
    southern disc B ^

    A > B > : turn off 1 barrier
    A v B v : turn off 2 barrier
    A < B < : turn off 3 barrier

    Place a glass sphere in each holder. You'll need 3 of them.
    When this is done. A lever appear on the wall in the middle, pull
    it to go up.

    Cast true seeing. A crystal ball is in the room to the west. It's
    well guarded by mind frayer and salamander. View it at your own

    The room to the south is protected by magic. Cast dispel magic to
    open the door. Get the stone cross from the dying cleric. Go upstairs.

    Dran is in one of the room here. Run away from him to a larger area.
    From there, play hide and seek with him and attack him when you can.
    His magic is strong and it can wipe out your party.

    Side step from left to right, right to left. When your weapon is
    ready, attack him. Repeat this until he is defeated.

    You'll need to defeat him twice before you can kill him.

    When he is dead, watch the ending sequence.


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