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Dungeon Master

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Dungeon Master
This is a role-playing game. You enter a dungeon, where a city's curse resides, with the objective of removing that curse. You select a party of four characters and then descend into the underworld, seeking key and ways to come even deeper. Underway you try to solve some mysteries, while occasionally fighting some not ver numerouse, but tough monsters.

A nice point in this game, which you will not find in other RPGs, presented on these pages, is that yo have to keep your party from starvation. You must have both reserves of food and water. I have not discovered any 'Create food'-like spells, so you must either find food or invite some monsters for dinner. (In Eye of the Beholder, for example, you can always cast 'Creat food' and do with it for quite a long time.

Chaos What concerns spells, I have gathered them into one spell chart, which is both easy to use and self-explanatory. Alas, I have not found out how all of the spells work, so if you have any information about the spells, not explained on the DM spell page, please mail me.

If you are stuck in the middle of the game, or just want some hints before you set off on this journey, you might wish to read an FAQ for Dungeon Master. The maps, a newer addition to this page, will also help you - after all it's good to know where you are relatevely to the rest of the world... Do also visit a great FTP site with lots of cheats and hints.

This game does not have any fancy graphics - in fact, it uses only 16 colours. Yet it has that mystique feel, which many of today's truecolour games really lack. I would recommend this game, if you want to use your imagination, have a few fights, and solve mysteries and puzzles....

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