Dungeon Master

(Interplay Productions)

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I got this posted as:
Article 8742 of rec.games.misc:
                DUNGEON MASTER Solved!!!  Amiga Version!

                      Written by Rom Chip of ORACLE

The only reason I wrote this solve was because even though the game is not all
that hard, its still an adventure, and i love to make solve files so if you got
stumped on any level, then this solve should help you make it to the next level
ok...first of all, get the DMHINT disk which has all the maps for all the
levels...you really need maps...ill tell you bout the tricky areas of each
levels and how to overcome them..and even the special items on each level and
their uses...I've spent over 100 hours with this game..(an ORIGINAL since
no-one can make a successful crack.heh)

I wrote this solve in the order of things i did to complete the game, on some
levels, you don't have to do the same things i did...but to ensure you the
correct way, then you could follow my pathways, at least you'll see most of the
game this way..(shortcuts are always no fun!!)  On with the solver!!!

First: heres a breakdown of all the characters you could take...i solved the
game with HISSSA, Elija,Sonja and Gothmog. I suggest 2 good warrior type, a
powerful Priest and Wizard....but pick for yourself who u like!..

 #  NAME    CLASSES                 EQUIPMENT       STATISTICS

 1  Iaido   Apprentice Fighter      Samurai Sword   43/55/40/35/45/50/48/65/11
            Novice Priest           Ghi, Trousers
 2  Zed     Novice Fighter & Priest Torch, Hosen    40/40/40/50/40/40/60/60/10
            Novice Ninja & Wizard   Pants, Mail
 3  Elija   Novice Fighter          Robe, Sandals   42/40/42/36/53/40/60/58/22
            Apprentice Priest       Magic Box
 4  Chani   Novice Fighter          Shirt, Sandals  37/47/57/37/47/37/47/67/20
            Apprentice Wizard       Moonstone
 5  Hawk    Novice Fighter          Leather Pants   45/35/38/55/35/35/70/85/10
            Apprentice Priest       Leather Jerkin
                                    Boots, 2 Arrows
 6  Boris   Novice Ninja            Leather Pants   35/45/55/40/45/40/35/65/28
            Apprentice Wizard       Leather Boots
                                    Rabbits Foot
 7  Alex    Apprentice Ninja        Leather Pants   44/55/45/40/35/40/50/57/13
            Novice Wizard           Leather Jerkin
                                    Boots, Sling
 8  Nabi    Apprentice Priest       Staff, Tunic    41/36/45/45/55/55/55/65/15
            Novice Wizard           Pants, Sandals
 9  Linflas Apprentice Fighter      Elven Boots     45/45/47/35/50/35/65/50/12
            Novice Wizard           Elven Doublet
                                    Elven Huke, Bow
10  Gando   Novice Wizard           Leather Boots   39/45/47/33/48/43/39/63/26
            Apprentice Ninja        Leather Jerkin
                                    2 Poison Darts
11  Syra    Novice Priest           Elven Doublet   38/35/43/45/42/40/53/72/15
            Apprentice Wizard       Tabard, Apple
12  Halk    Journeyman Fighter      Berzerk Helm    55/43/30/46/38/48/90/75/00
                                    Barbarian Hide
                                    Club, Sandals
13  Daroou  Apprentice Fighter                      50/30/35/45/30/45/100/65/6
            Neophyte Wizard
14  Wu Tse  Novice Ninja            Silk Shirt      38/35/53/45/47/40/45/47/20
            Apprentice Priest       Tabard, Sandals
                                    3 Throwing Stars
15  Tiggy   Novice Ninja            Kirtle, Gunna   30/45/50/35/59/40/25/45/36
            Apprentice Wizard       Sandals, Wand
16  Leif    Apprentice Fighter      Leather Jerkin  46/40/39/50/45/45/75/70/7
            Novice Priest           Leather Pants
                                    Leather Boots
17  Azizi   Novice Fighter          Barbarian Hide  47/48/42/45/30/35/61/77/7
            Apprentice Ninja        Hide Shield
                                    Halter, Daggers
18  Stamm   Journeyman Fighter      Leather Pants   52/43/35/50/35/55/75/80/00
                                    Suede Boots
                                    Tunic, Axe
19  Mophus  Journeyman Priest       Sandals, Robe   42/35/40/48/40/45/55/55/19
                                    Cheese, Bread
20  Wuuf    Apprentice Ninja        Leather Jerkin  33/57/45/40/35/40/40/50/30
            Novice Priest           Empty Flask
21  Leyla   Journeyman Ninja        Leather Pants   40/53/45/47/45/35/48/60/3
                                    Leather Boots
                                    Silk Shirt, Rope
22  Sonja   Journeyman Fighter      Gunna, Halter   54/45/39/49/40/40/65/70/2
                                    Choker, Sword
23  Hissssa Apprentice Fighter                      58/48/35/35/43/55/80/61/5
            Novice Ninja
24  Gothmog Journeyman Wizard       Cloak of Night  40/43/48/34/50/59/60/55/18

Statistics are in the following form -

Resurrecting a champion keeps stats.  Reincarnating may lower or raise stats.

LEVEL 1: OK, you've assembled your group...when you enter level one of the
Dungeon (your sorta actually on level2..but I call it level 1)

You need to get keys!..This area is simple except for one area where 2 pressure
plates and an iron gate...walk on first plate but go around second plate..and
it'll work fine....after you've got the keys..and finally got to the room with
the screamers...kill em and keep going until you come to a room filled with
pressure plates...heres the correct sequence that'll let ya get through...when
you step onto the first pressure plate in the room..  that's the first move,
from there go right 1, then forward 1, left 1, forward 1, back 1, forward one,
back one...you should see the gate come open...you'll get the hang of it..just
save your game every once in awhile.  if you get all confused..go back to
beginning of room and try again...

Next you'll come to a trap door..set a rock or something on the pressure plate
and the trap will close up...keep following the only way to go..  you'll later
on come across a wishing well..put coin in to open door...
...General hints:keep eyes peeled for Camouflaged keys against the walls

Monsters you'll encounter: Mummies and Screamers only..(screamers make good
eating..get em for food)

items on level 1:lots of Food, weapons..(get sword and falchion), keys: 6 gold
ones, emerald, topaz, iron, solid and key of B..so save everything you find.

LEVEL 2:When you start walking down this hallway..about 8 steps..start looking
on your left for a secret button that will open a secret door on the left side
of the tunnel which holds a compass.  if you keep going down the hallway, you
notice it branches to the left or keeps going...  if you keep going, you'll run
into three doors with locks and you don't have those keys..so your gonna have
to go search for em...back to left branch you passed by....you enter a large
open space..and there are six areas you can go to...when you first enter the
area, you find two doors in front, two on your left and two on your
right...lets start with the two on you left..we'll call em door 1 and 2...door
1 has this SOLUTION:

Hit Switches to activate the teleport in each cell.After being teleported to
every cell, the chest will finally be teleported outside the cell, get mirror
out of chest...Use mirror on EYE to open secret door...

DOOR 2 solution:put coin in slot to open door...you see a door on the other
side of an open trap..cast the spell [open door] at door to open..  its the 2
syllables that look like: 1:a box 2: 3 circles....then throw anything across
trap so it lands on other side and the trap will close up.  watch for the
secret door switches near the staff. you'll need to get a key from this
area..look for one. i'm sure you got the needed key from area one also in the
secret chamber.

DOOR 3:Keep to the outside of the matrix if u can. Use the compass to see when
an invisible teleport as turned you around..in one of the alcoves you see a
hidden button...press it and it opens a secret room with a needed key...

Door 4:Hit the switch, then, while still facing the wall, quickly move to the
left four times and forward twice. if the door closes before you make it, go
back and do it again until you make it. drop a few heavy items and you move a
little quicker. when you come to next pit near button..  this is tricky..press
button and quickly turn left and throw any object into the teleport...[takes
Practice]..if you'r successful, the pit will close up and you can retrieve your
thrown object..next pit with button...stand in front of button and press
it..then quickly move backwards 3 times..  very quickly or you'll fall..down
the pit. [SAVE GAME A LOT]...you'll need to a key from this area beyond
traps..(DON'T YA HATE THOSE ROCK CREATURES?)  lure the rock creatures over a
trap and make em fall in...sometimes they are gone for good..and sometimes they
make it out.

DOOR 5:its a two-part...see that GEM shaped keyhole? well, you gotta get a gem
to open that door to get a needed key...put object on pressure plate here to
close plate..then walk across...and press switch in wall to open door...after
fighting those menacing rock creatures..make it to to dead ends in the
hallways..and search for a hidden switch which will open a secret room with the
gem..then use the gem to open the other door to get key.

DOOR 6:real simple..fight the monsters and find the key..no puzzles, just a
feel ugly blue creatures...

after you have 6 keys..including the IMPORTANT RA-KEY...head for the doors and
open each one...don't open and doors except for the next 4 only and then head
down stairs.


Items:Chainmail, arrow, helmet and sword..plus the RA-key.

LEVEL 3: You'll need some "weaken non-material" spells ready..and they are 1:
half circle with line pointing right 2: small circle on top of horizontal line
3: b shaped symbol with curl on top...that's the spell but you may need to
practice it awhile..that's the only thing that will kill a ghost when you
encounter one. This level is pretty much keep going in one direction until you
finally wind around to the stairs going down..At wooden door..[chop] it
down...at switch after wooden door..  hit switch and then move right a few
times...(you get teleported after hitting switch, so move right quick before
the gate shuts)

one area has a teleport field, if you have a coin, then teleport yourself, it
saves some time..if you don't teleport, just keep going the direction you
haven't been to yet....when you come to a room filled with screamers, well,
this is a regeneration room for them...you could easily slaughter them all and
come back later and they'd be back again...(great for stocking up on food
supply..watch for wandering purple worms though) When dealing with Worms, make
them chase you and make them fight in from of doors...  and when they are under
door..close it on them and start fighting...the door will inflict damage and
they usually retreat..so heal up and open the door and do it again...(them
worms are so dumb, they come back for more door bruising!$%&)..worms are good
eating too...towards the last area...when you see off to the left a open pit
and a mummy on the other side..throw anything at him..rid of him....next level.
worms are very tough and best way to fight em, like i said is to let em follow
you to doorways and fight em that way...i found about 15 worms on this level,
so i did a lot of going back and forth...

CREATURES: Purple worms, Screamers, Wasps, Ghosts and a lonely mummy

ITEMS:rapier, chain mail, axe (excellent),helmet and BOW- (GET IT)..and
a horn of fear (makes creatures run in panic sometimes)

LEVEL 4:When you come down the stairs, take you first left..and you'll find 4
doors in this open space..when you first come into this area..take the door on
the first left..door 1:its a room filled with pressure plates and walking on
them causes some to open and others to close...the correct way to do this is to
set a chest onto a plate in the back center, and then walk around the left
upper side and go out that exit....its not that hard to figure out...watch and
see what plates open when you walk on a certain plate and if the plate you to
walk across closes when you take a step, then set sometime down when you are to
keep that plate closed..its easy to figure out..the left back exit has stairs
to next level plus a secret room if you go left from exit...and search wall...

Door 2..you see a big room...an invisible force field is here..to avoid you
must, first before going into the room very far..take one step into room, turn
right and go a few steps and search the wall for a secret button...press it and
then turn right..and go all the way to the wall..  follow wall (NEVER more than
one step away from wall..."HUG WALL" all the way to other side)...to
hallway..go down hall..[FIGHT Small Dragon] and turn left down hall...search
along the right side for hidden room for great treasure....go all the way to
back of this long tunnel to get a powerful staff.

Door 3:take first left opening and go to back of room...look for a switch in
wall..press it and then turn round and press the other switch..  it must be in
order..so its (if you facing the back wall) right button, then left
button.....then search the other walls for buttons that should appear..press
them in a similar order and two more should appear until finally a secret door
will open to reveal a nice weapon

Door 4:a room filled with teleporting mist! the correct sequence to get you
safely through to other side is..forward, right, back,forward, left, right,
back...and you should be on the other side..get some goodies nothing real
important though...now go down to next level...you could've went down in the
first place but what the hell, you building your characters up anyway...

MONSTERS:green monsters and small dragons

Items:poison dart, leg mail, weapons

LEVEL 5: You start in a large area with no monsters but four alcoves with a
sorta riddle to solve...the correct items you should place in the alcoves are
"BOW", "GEM", "GOLD COIN" and the other one "NOTHING" and you will be able to
get out...turn right and go towards door..go in and the trick here is go over
to switch and turn on switch..you'll notice the teleport field comes on..well,
turn off field..and place item where teleport field is...turn on switch and
item is teleported around the corner, and causes the trap to shut...easy
huh?..turn off field to get item back and open door to get key.

go back out and to first door on left...creatures behind...nasty skeletons
after killing monsters, hit switches in walls in correct order to open chamber
with key in it.

next room is same thing..kill monsters and hit switch to open secret room to
get key....go out and open two doors with keys..take right side first....a few
groups of skeletons and some floating eyes are here..best to lure a few at a
time and kill em before taking on this room...anyway assuming you cleaned out
this room of creatures...when you go in..go forward until you hit wall. then
turn right.move forward as far as you can go..then turn left...go as far as you
can go...in that general area is a switch..press it and then go all the way
over to the lower left side for other switch in a small room where you'll find
a magical box...switch one is in lower right corner and switch two is in lower
left corner..then go back to lower right corner again to newly opened secret
chamber to get needed key.

go Back to start area and this time take left passage..after opening door with
key...when you turn left, you see 2 doors on left and a ring-hook hanging on
wall...ring-hook is a switch..touch it and its a secret passage..  get a
powerful staff and when you think your at a dead end..search on left side for a
secret switch to open a passage that will get you a VORPAL weapon..which is
good for killing GHOSTS and non material things.!

After coming back..don't bother opening first door on left...open 2nd door and
go through..first right passage is a tricky..(i almost gave up the game right
here)...you see a flashing teleport with a door on other side and another
teleport after it..when u try to run past it. throws you back to where you
started..[FRUSTRATING]...it takes timing and practice...time it just right with
two quick keystrokes forward..if you hit forward too many times, you'll run
past door and into forcefield on other side, knocking you back to start
again....your also gonna have to open gate..by running up and pressing open
button before field throws you back...if u time it right, you should land under
doorway in between the two fields, then time it for the other side and jump
through...get needed key..get back out!

Continue! first hall on left is filled with strange mist..have strongest
character throw lightest object down hall..and if you're success- ful then it
will open a door at other end...don't worry if you cant do it cause all you get
is some food, an arrow and some coins

Take hallway going to right..keep going forward..don't take left hallway and
follow until you come to a room with a teleport field in it!..enter field and
your teleported way over to other side of dungeon...near a room.  press switch
and fight monsters inside if you wish...when you leave this hallway and go
right down a long corridor...go to a room where another vorpal weapon is kept
along with lots of monsters..hint: go in room and close door so skeletons don't
come up behind you cause they are on they're way when you go in that
room...when you leave that room with the 2nd vorpal weapon, go forward all the
way until you can go left..keep following hall..(going past a door with some
floating eyes in there..ignore)..find the stairs down...(Fun EH?)

MONSTERS:Floating eyes, skeletons, wasps,

ITEMS:vorpal blades, yew staff,large shield, mail akelton,crossbow

LEVEL 6: Home of The FireStaff...you cant do much on this level yet..  you have
to come back to it...but you can if you want, use your RA-key to open the First
forcefield-door..but your gonna have to dig deeper in the dungeon for the other
2 ra-keys!..so go down stairs to level 7.

LEVEL 7: Have plenty of "weaken non-material beings" spells ready cause this is
one tough level...when you first enter this level, you'll pass over a trap door
and it opens after you pass over it..to reclose it simply take one more step
forward and you'll hear a click and it has closed...always keep it closed for a
fast retreat back up the stairs.  you'll figure out how to keep to trapdoor so
it'll close when you need it to...there is fireballs being "shot" and they are
hitting this teleport areas which are deflecting them all over the place..so if
you see fireballs go skimming past your nose..don't worry, they are just being
reflected off a teleport area..so stay outta there line of travel...you should
shut off the fireballs..so from the stairs..turn left..start going
forward..depending on where you are standing..if you take four steps and run
into a wall then, move left and then continue forward...about exactly 13
steps..and then start going left bout 7 steps..you find a dead end hallway
where the fire balls are being shot out of from...near the first "TELEPORT
FIELD" that the fireballs get shot into..is a switch..that will turn the
fireballs off..so hit it...or else the fireballs will continue to be shot
out..one every 30 seconds....next...after turning off switch...[still facing
wall] turn around 180 degrees..go forward four steps, turn left and keep going
until u hit a wall...back up a few paces and search for a switch which opens a
secret door in that area that contains a powerful staff...now go back to where
that switch was and move back the way you came about 6 paces and then turn
right and go bout 4-5 paces and look for a key on the ground here..  you need
this later. ...from finding the key...the best way of describing where you need
to find the next secret door is ..well, first make it back to the stairs...find
em...now then from the stairs..first turn right..you'll see a teleport
field..walk towards it and enter it..[it'll turn you in the direction of next
teleport field in sequence]go to 2nd field..it turns u again..go forward and go
around the open pit...keep following fields..go past number 3...and find the
fourth field..(search the area for a button) press it and you've opened a
passageway...go to the long hallway area...  you'll start walking down the
lonnnnnggggggg hallway and you'll notice you seem to walk forever huh?
well...heres what ya do..at the very beginning of the hall...move 26 paces down
the corridor, then stop, turn around and wait a couple of seconds, you should
then see a door open...if you overstep your mark, it automatically teleports
you back to beginning....

now find your way back to beginning stairs...[since the large open space is too
hard to tell you where certain things are at]

from stairs turn left..go bout 11 forward..Avoiding pits, like going around
them..and stuff...when your 11 paces turn left and go straight, you should find
a hallway with a door...use key you found earlier to open...

from here you should be able to make it down the stairs pretty easy... [comment
by Nemo: before going down open a secret passage with a sceletion key, if you
managed to find it, that is - that will be an emergency exit fom deeper levels]
make sure you've got plenty of food and water..cause it gets pretty scarce from
here on out...(if you run completely outta food..like i did towards the end...
just make bunches of Stamina potions..they seem to do what food does...you
could run back up to the level where you kill gobs of screamers and worms if
you wanna stock up on food...and then come back here..that's what i did...

CREATURES:Ghosts, mummies, Thieves, skeletons.

Items:staff of manar (heals), DELTA (good sword), mace of ORDER, (excellent
weapon), ful bomb (throwing bomb potions)

LEVEL 8:Lair of the Rats!

when you come down the stairs..a secret door will put you into the area you
want...secret door is one space to the left of the writing you'll
see...[beware:if you go out secret door and come back in..like to go up stairs
or something...a couple mean rats will ALWAYS be sorta regenerated here]...go
left..and follow hallway..look for 2 space pillar..search all sides for secret
button..press it to open secret chamber...i'm sure you'll find it once you've
opened it..there is nothing else around here to see anyway.....then go all the
way back..past secret door to stairs..  you'll come to a "turn-around"
spot...so when you come to it..turn around and go backwards through it..and
then turn around again and go forward..  you'll understand it..

AGAIN:retreat to doorways to kill rats and use doors to kill them by letting
door fall upon them...they are tough little gerbils...good eating

se the fountains to refill your watersacks..!

just kinda find your way around until you come to a grate-doorway with no
apparent means of opening...DON'T PULL SWITCH!!! it will drop a chest into a
pit..that's hell to get back out...from gate, go right and follow paths till
you see stairs up..go up a level and find a trap door.."fall-in" and your now
on other side of grate-and you can get the chest and press the button on wall
to open this grate now...continue down the hallway until you come to a room
where fireballs are being fired at you from wall.  don't worry, they only fire
at you when you take one step..so [save game] heal everyone and then take one
step...[boom]..heal everyone...take another step...[boom] heal again...until
you get out...go left when you get the chance..get rope you find laying
here..(useful for going down traps without inflicting damage...too bad i
haven't found a way to go back up the traps with the rope either..) at the end
of this hallway is a switch and in the room is a needed key...if you see an
CORBAMITE laying around, be sure to get it....go back to fireball room...don't
worry, if you walk

At the Fireball room...don't worry..they only fire "fireballs" if you are
moving away or towards to fireball shooters , so just walk past them to the
right exit..and keep going...there is only 2 places you can go here now...one
is a RAT NEST or a door to keep continuing...the rat nest door is to the south
and the other door is to the north or right.....  put your CORBAMITE in slot to
open door...heres the stairs down or a room with another key...(if you walk
down dead end corridor, to where a skull is on left wall...use a skeleton key
to open...) in secret chamber opened by skeleton key is stairs which will take
u all the way down to the lowest level...good for getting out...or coming up
looking for food and water...you could go and unlock it..in case u come back up
later using the express stairs...heh heh!

CREATURES:RATS, mini-wizards, rot grubs

ITEMS:storm rings (shoot lightning), ra-key,

LEVEL 9:When you enter this room, there might be 2 floating eyes and they are
pissed!..so deal with them...and heres the scoop..it looks like a room with a
bunch of pillars..but there is invisible teleport fields in between most of
them...the correct way is : as soon as you come down the stairs..go left...go
all the way to wall...go right..then walk all the way down the corridor to the
opposite side your on..go left..then walk forward again..kinda like
"zig-zagging"..cause if you enter through a pillar, you'll be put back at the
stairs and 2 more eyes will be created again...once at an opening on your
left..then go through and you should see two doors with one key..get key and
take your pick..both doors go to same place with two monsters to kill as
well...i went right..and had to fight a damn thief who keep stealing my
shield...he only takes anything you are holding in left hand..so take all left
handing items and put in inventory....walk to gate and open and kill skeletons
inside,continue..till you see moving plates..  step onto plate and your moving
round like a carousel...jump off when you see the opening..to either the tiny
little alcove (that contains a teleport that will put u at start if you jump
into it) or jump off into the continuing corridor.....continue to room where
monsters are held at bay by an invisible forcefield...DO NOT PRESS ANY buttons
here or you let out all the monsters..[BOY, wouldn't that be scary?] you can
kill them from a distance pretty easy..in lower chamber [where some monsters
where being held] is a switch to a secret chamber for a nice weapon.

continue...you really just keep going the only way it seems there is...

you'll pass by a door on your left to a room...and continue past two other
doors sorta side by side by 2 spaces apart...after this...you come across two
more doors...they both lead to the scorpions lair...(one of the hardest
monsters i thought)...heres the strategy..first open door on far left..lower
door i guess..take 2 steps..turn right into alcove and press secret button..get
items in chamber and look for another secret button, press that..and then get
out and close door behind you...go up a bit to other door..open it and go 3
spaces forward, turn left..2 spaces forward..  turn right..3 spaces
forward..turn right again..1 forward..then left..  you should see a nice
looking AXE..get it and go back to door and close it as quick as you can..avoid
those scorpions if you see them..they are nasty as hell...back to the old lead
em to the door and slam it on them routine and be sure to have lots of cure
poison potions ready..cause they do 75-100 damage every time they hit....after
you kill bout 3 or so...go in and make your way through..BE SURE TO GO INTO
WHAT LOOKS LIKE A DEAD END ROOM ..  that has a sorta teleport field..get a
magnifying glass on the ground...  ya gotta have to win the game...then get to
the stairs ASAP!..go down and forget this level...


ITEMS:magnifier, SPeedbow, HardCleave (NICE AXE), key of B.

LEVEL 10: you seem to start out in a room which seems to have no exit...stand
in front of the writing on wall...and start walking backwards clockwise..  be
sure to bend with corners...walk all the way around to the same spot..  you
should see a key..get it and open the gate...and open chest inside..  get key
inside there..then your gonna have to do some backwards clockwise walking again
until you see a either another key or a keyhole...using key open secret door in
chest chamber..go out....from exit..go right first..  ROOM OF POISON: Run as
fast as you can after saving game first....grab sword and then get out before
the room starts filling up with poison gas.....if you don't do it the first
time..i hope you saved game.so keep trying...i had to completely make everyone
naked to ensure no encumbrance! [A comment by Nemo (stanislavs@hotmail.com):
This room actually fills with poison at 4 different places, and not
simultaniously; 2 poisont darts are also fired at you, all this happening only
if you have the diamond edge sword in your hand. Here is my strategy on taking
this room: heal everyone, make four healing potions and give them to each
person, save game (just in case), enter and go to the shelf. Now you can do two
things: If you want to have the poison darts (they give about 15 HP damage),
take the sword, put it on the floor and wait (give your healing potions to each
charecter) - don't panic, the poison cloud will disappear after a while; now
pick up the sword, and take 2 steps out; the darts are shot at you, pick them
and wait till the cloud of poison in front of you disappears, make 2 careful
steps again and wait, until you reach the door. If you don't want those darts,
here is what you do: pick up the sword, quickly turn around and throw it, then
run out of the poison cloud. The air is clear a few steps in front, and new
poison clouds are not shot if you do not have the sword in your hand; reach the
end of passage, pick up the sword and walk out.]

...go back towards starting room..go past and to room on left...get FURY
SWORD...pretty powerful weapon...from fury sword room go straight and take
first hall on left after hall in which you came up from at first...  follow it
to a door and after it is 3 doors...don't take the side doors..  go for the
middle door...but be prepared to fight WATER ELEMENTALS...  about 6 of
them...they are destroyed with "weaken non-element things" or use vorpal
weapons to kill....when you find the door...after going through door, go
right..and straight as far as u can go..then right again at end of hallway..
follow hall until you can go left...keep following it until you come to two
gates with wasps behind them...you'll have to kill them...after done...follow
hall to very end..and turn left at last place to turn left...you see 7 slots
here..if you picked up enough coins, you can get a few nifty treasures...
immediately to your left is box 1, then 2, 3, 4,5,6,7....ok..the order i did
was...4..(contains more coins). 6 , then 5 then 3, then 2, then 7 and then
1...do what u what.....go back to hallway and go right down first long
corridor...use the magnifying glass on eye on wall..and now you can get a ruby
key from the moving pressure plates..  you'll also notice a skull key hole on
other wall...which opens an express stairway.

go down stairs to next level...


ITEMS:fury sword, diamond edge sword, ruby key

LEVEL 11: KNIGHTS of the Round Table

This level is getting pretty tough...when you come down the stairs and go into
the first "open" area..if you looked 2 spaces off your right upon entering the
area..there are pits..which are really hard too see if they are open..you can
close them by passing over again a pressure plate at the beginning of the
hallway (going back towards the stairwell you came from)...[ I liked to close
the pit and then have a monster follow me and freez him on the pit and then go
and have it open and they will fall to their death..heh heh]

first thing you want to do is go right in the open space...follow hall and go
left twice in a row..find secret switch in dead end alcove..press it and then
go all the way back to open area and go left opening this time...go left again
at hallway junction..you should meet up with a black knight..  retreat to where
you see a door at end of hallway..open door..(don't worry, nothing in
there)..and use the same slam door fight technique...after killing the
knight..go forward down hall..and into another large area..and you should see a
small room with a door open...(that's where the knight was..you opened the door
by pressing the secret switch a bit ago.) get the topaz key inside.  now go all
the way back..almost to where that secret switch was...you should see a gate
which a keyhole next to it..inside is another black knight who holds a needed
emerald key...

go all the way back past the black knights first tiny room and into the
corridor where you should meet up with a spider or two...after killing it you
should see on the right wall...a few paces in front of you a secret
switch..press it and then you find a secret room with the best armor, shield
and helmet you can get in the game...now go all the way back to where the
knight you killed who had the emerald key was..keep continuing until you come
to a room you open and inside is the last RA-key..get it and continue going
forward..continue past a right passage..don't go in there..there is a switch
that when pulled creates a bunch of knights to fight..take next right corridor
and continue until you can go either left or right..take a left and follow
it..pass by all right turnoffs until last one...keep follow- ing it until you
see a 2 space alcove on right side..press button in alcove..  continue...pass
by right hallway...until it turns right...keep going..  until you come to right
hallway...[you know you got the right hallway when you see a door and a another
right hallway..and going beyond the door gives you an option to enter 3 doors
filled with nasty spiders...so don't go to the 3 door spider room, instead,
take the right corridor right before the 3 door spider room..fight the AIR
ELEMENTALS...and continue to the 4 traps doors that are rotating at a constant
speed..time it just right and run past it...now when you come to a left right
corridor..here is pretty much the scoop...you gotta get back up to the level
where the firestaff is kept..now that you got all the required keys..you should
have 2 ra-keys...so go left..first..and you come to stairs..(may have to use
another skeleton key)..so go up to 8 [comment by Nemo: or level 7 if you opened
that emergency exit] ..and keep making your way back to level 6 [2 right turns
from level 7]... 

Level 6: (back tracking)...

open the 2 remaining doors with the RA-keys..and go left...find the last door
on your right..one of your keys should open it...go in and walk all the way
down the corridor and go into the room...find the turquoise key and a secret
button near it...press it and get the final RA-key...  go out...and about 4-5
steps after the doorway on your right is a button..  push it and a secret door
will open way down at the other end...  go down and you'll see an opening
now..follow the corridor about 8 paces up and start looking for secret switch
on left side...push it..then turn around and you should see a secret room with
yet another needed key!... [Comment by Nemo: if you go all the way down the
passage to a large open area, you'll see a door at the other end of it. Kill
the stone giant behind and you'll have access to the other set op express
stairs, which will lead you all the way down to the level of the CHAOS. If you
go one flight donn and push a green button to your left, you'll open a passage
to the first express stairs. The key you just found, the "winged key", is
used to open a secret passage to the dragon: go all the way down the first
express stairs, and you'll se a keyhole with "E" symbol on it.] ...use last
Ra-key to open last "ra-key" keyhole and follow the hallway..  all the way..
twisting and turning until you see a door (clear) and just barely
around the corner is a stone golem...don't bother him...use your master key to
open that door..get in and get the firestaff and get out quick....go all the
way back to the entrance to where you just used your last ra-key...now on your
left is four doors...u have one turquoise key...  u can open only one
door...door number one (closest to stairs at far end) holds :SCEPTER of
HEALING, & 2 necklaces...#2 holds:Dragon's spit (food[?]) and boots of SPEED,
#3 holds: Crown (increases mana[?]) and magic box #4 holds: a sword which can
cast lightning....i think door #4 holds the best item.... [Comment by Nemo: in
the opposite wall there is an opening which will lead to two doors after each
other, with two stone giants behind each door. Kill them to get "The
Inquisitor", the most powerful sword of the game.] ...now go back down to level
11..the same way you got all the way back
here and this time..go down to the lowest level you can which should be the
dragon level...you should see a button to push, i think..  well..anyway, if you
find a way down to the level of the dragon...heres what ya gotta do...when you
emerge from the stairway..your in a big open area..the dragon is kinda
slow..but you can hear him clumping around so...let him get near you and then
shoot for the opposite end of the stairs area..the dragon will slowly
follow...enter the area where it looks like a hallway and room...(if you have
time..look right by the entrance..for a gem of time stop...)....in the room
you'll see THE GEM OF POWER..what appears to be lodged in the wall...cast the
zokathra spell which is these syllables: 1: half triangle 2: 3 circles 3: three
arrows pointing northeast 4: asterisk symbol...you cast it and have the
firestaff out and the gem should come loose and attach it self to the
firestaff..making the firestaff a powerful weapon now. [Comment by Nemo: in PC
version the room with the gem is closed by a door. The key to the door is
somewhere in the dragon layer, to the left when you come out of the secret
passage.]....[ if you wanted to, you could battle the dragon if you want...but
its not necessary to win the game...your in for a long battle of hide and go
seek if you do..  I gave up after casting close to 40 powerful fireballs at him
]...[Comment by Nemo: I did slay the dragon. The thing is that he is immune to 
fire (it spits powerful fireballs himself), so fireballs will do almost no
damage. Here is my strategy: Have 3-4 "Freeze life" magic boxes or find the
magic ring in the dragon layer (to the right from the door of the gem). Go to
some quiet place and prepare the most powerful "poison cloud" spells your
cahracters can master (triangle, four dots, "hourglass"). Also prepare "freeze
life". Run up to the dragon and cast "freeze life". As fast as possible cast
all the four poison clouds. While these 4 initial strikes work, hit the dragon
with swords, throw fireballs. When he begins to move, run to safety and restore
mana. Repeat the attack. It took me 3 attacs to slay the dragon and get 9 juicy
dragon steaks, each of which can fully feed one person.] .... now go back up
stairs to level 12...

level 12..completing the game!!!!!!

your Goal in DUNGEON MASTER is too recover the firestaff, gem of power and
vanquish CHAOS!!!!!...well..on this level are pits..(looks like a bunch of
campfires..which are actually FIRE ELEMENTALS) and whole bunch of demons
running around...and CHAOS himself...looks like a cross between DARTH VADER and
AMADEUS!!!....heres what i did...in the large open space are numerous fire
elementals that attack will unrelenting ferocity...you can kill them will
"weaken non material"spells and use vorpal weapons..(hope you didn't throw them
away yet)...the demons cast fireballs that usually will kill a few characters
on first hit...they are powerful..if you hear a fireball coming..id run outta
the way...  ok..now then...there are 2 corridors that one will seal up
(therefor trapping you on this level until you either win or die....but
remember, if u die..just restart from last save.....save on this level..the
other corridor takes you back to the dragon...but who wants to go there?...
ok..now...stand by one of the corridors and slowly and painfully attack a fire
elemental...ya gotta eliminate a few to give you room to fight the big battle
in...run back into the monster forbidden corridors to heal and rest up when
injured...after you've gotten rid of the elementals closest to the corridor
openings..a few demons should start wandering over to beef your ass..what i did
was stay down the corridor..about 3 paces from the opening...and just keep
firing "fireballs or lightning" at them...until i picked em off one by
one..bout 30 minutes..i would jump out in front..  shoot a spell, and then duck
back and watched their fireballs explode into the wall next to me...after i
killed them...CHAOS himself was wandering around....WARNING:CHAOS CANNOT BE

Now, your newly formed firestaff has three functions...Invoke, MUTATE and
fluxcage!!!...invoke is sorta like a fireball/lightning slinging weapon..  and
fluxcage makes a yellow shimmering forcefield in the space in front of where i
cast it..you must "trap" CHAOS in a "BOX" of fluxcages..and then when he is
trapped..you use the invoke option......ya gotta get chaos into a corner..and
use the "WAR CRY"...which makes chaos panic and flee temporarily...so war-cry
him into a corner and flux cage all round him except on the space he is
standing on..and then invoke on him and you've vanquished CHAOS..and restored
peace to the land..and order to the GALAXY!

You've Finished DUNGEON MASTER...


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