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Posted by Nemo on May 05, 1998 at 16:18:59:

In Reply to: Re: The Parliament or War and Peace posted by John Parman on May 04, 1998 at 02:33:38:

: I am still considering, however, I am leaning to join if it would allow me a more relaxed ministry of diplomatic affairs. I cannot work with people breathing down my neck all the time. I wonder, I we are so against the military why we have an intelligence operation, a knightly order and many other decidedly military things going on.

I don't see who would try to "breathing down your neck"? As to knights' order, it is not a militant organization, but a moral-upholding stronghold.

: We are not at war nor are going to war any time soon, we are simply showing the rest of the world that we are not a normal cup of tea, we are god-damned cup of boiling hot coffee. If we are to be accepted in the world as a real nation, we need to show that we will take a stand in the common defense of Ladonia, not just its geographic location but its world-wide population as well.

I suppose there are several ways of showing just that. For example boicotting, or refusing to recognise the agressor...

: We have diplomatic procedures, however, as the chief of the diplomatic corps, I have called numerous times for them to be written up as part of the constitution, and the parliament should go about creating, with the entire help of all the ministries, a idalogue procedure for international affairs. If this is to take place, I will not step in to bend rules or give false pretenses. I will act totally submissive to a united Ladonia's ideals and thoughts on the workings of the diplomatic corps.

That is a good comment. I hoped the Cabinet began its work on the draft of the Ladonian Constitution (there was at least some talking about it). If any of the Ministers know anything about it, I would gladly hear from them!

As to the Parliament, it is not yet politically strong (numrous) enough to have any say in the political decision-making. More members are wanted!

This case of Ladonia's external policy has been set on the Parliament's agenda, so the citizens and the MLPs alike are requested to have a look at it...

A Speaker of the 1st Chamber of the Ladonian Parliament

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