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Posted by John Parman on May 04, 1998 at 02:33:38:

In Reply to: The Parliament or War and Peace posted by Nemo on April 29, 1998 at 12:59:01:

: Hello, Ladonians!

: The Parliament is humming along, its total number of members reaching 6 (a record large ammount, if one conciders our 3300 citizens). I still hope the number of MLPs will soon increase by 1 as I have sent an invitation to John Parman, which he is concidering right now.

I am still considering, however, I am leaning to join if it would allow me a more relaxed ministry of diplomatic affairs. I cannot work with people breathing down my neck all the time. I wonder, I we are so against the military why we have an intelligence operation, a knightly order and many other decidedly military things going on.

: I have learnt with some surprise that our dear, peaceful Ladonia is on the brink of a war. And that knowledge came not from the cabinet or diplomatic corpse, but from the newspaper (isn't it typical?). I think the Parliament should have a say in the external affairs of Ladonia, and should at least be notified of something large crossing Ladonia's waters.

We are not at war nor are going to war any time soon, we are simply showing the rest of the world that we are not a normal cup of tea, we are god-damned cup of boiling hot coffee. If we are to be accepted in the world as a real nation, we need to show that we will take a stand in the common defense of Ladonia, not just its geographic location but its world-wide population as well.

: It looks like Ladonia is already in the Grand Alliance, but has anybody pointed out which implications this alliance would give? I am not against Ladonia's participating in the Grand Alliance, what I am trying to say is that we should have demicratic procedures, while making such important decisions!

We have diplomatic procedures, however, as the chief of the diplomatic corps, I have called numerous times for them to be written up as part of the constitution, and the parliament should go about creating, with the entire help of all the ministries, a idalogue procedure for international affairs. If this is to take place, I will not step in to bend rules or give false pretenses. I will act totally submissive to a united Ladonia's ideals and thoughts on the workings of the diplomatic corps.

: Anyway I shall try promptly put the matter on the Parliament's agenda, and I would like ask John Parman for more information about the happenings around Reunion and Grand Alliance.

I am updating my web page to include links to each and every nation we are currently coming into contact with, I will give detailed thoguhts on them, and await to see if anyone really cares.

At the Service of all Ladonians,

John Parman

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