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Posted by Count Torby on April 02, 1998 at 10:47:34:

In Reply to: Re: Join the Parliament now !!!!! MP -> MLP posted by Nemo on March 27, 1998 at 13:02:31:

: : : In order to achieve some serious discussing
: : : in the Parliament we need more MPs.
: : : My advice is to take a part in the Parliament now!

: : What? What!
: : We need more MP:s? More Military Police? You must be joking!!!!!
: : Whoever heard of Ladonia ever needing military police? Or have we
: : turned into a state of dictatorship? Woe on us if we have.
: : Seems I, Count Torby, Minister of History, Lord of Roses and so on
: : have been digging to deeply in the old Ladonian Historic Records. Thus
: : it seems, I have forgotten to keep an eye on the events of my truly
: : beloved father/mother-country. The country of freedoom!
: : Not of any stupid MP:s.
: : Panem et circenses...

: Count Torby,

: I hope, the above message was just a joke. I also hope that you know that MP also stands for Member of Parliament. The term has been used by englishmen, and by me for quite a while (also on the board), so I do not understand why it is only now that you begin critisizing the term.

: Well, to avoid any further misunderstandings, I can propose another term to be used: MLP (Member of the Ladonian Parliament), but we still need more MPs, excuse me MLPs, to vote for/against it and make it legally valid...

: Nemo,
: A Speaker of the Parliament.

Ave, oh worthy Speaker of the Parliament!
Agree, agreeeee! MLP is the more correct denomination for Members of the
Ladonian Parliament. Can also be interpreted as More Locusts in the Pan...
Count Torby

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