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Posted by Kemal Yildirim on August 23, 1998 at 17:47:58:

In Reply to: Re: Join the Parliament now !!!!! MP -> MLP posted by Count Torby on April 02, 1998 at 10:47:34:

: : : : In order to achieve some serious discussing
: : : : in the Parliament we need more MPs.
: : : : My advice is to take a part in the Parliament now!

: : : What? What!
: : : We need more MP:s? More Military Police? You must be joking!!!!!
: : : Whoever heard of Ladonia ever needing military police? Or have we
: : : turned into a state of dictatorship? Woe on us if we have.
: : : Seems I, Count Torby, Minister of History, Lord of Roses and so on
: : : have been digging to deeply in the old Ladonian Historic Records. Thus
: : : it seems, I have forgotten to keep an eye on the events of my truly
: : : beloved father/mother-country. The country of freedoom!
: : : Not of any stupid MP:s.
: : : Panem et circenses...

: : Count Torby,

: : I hope, the above message was just a joke. I also hope that you know that MP also stands for Member of Parliament. The term has been used by englishmen, and by me for quite a while (also on the board), so I do not understand why it is only now that you begin critisizing the term.

: : Well, to avoid any further misunderstandings, I can propose another term to be used: MLP (Member of the Ladonian Parliament), but we still need more MPs, excuse me MLPs, to vote for/against it and make it legally valid...

: : Nemo,
: : A Speaker of the Parliament.

: Ave, oh worthy Speaker of the Parliament!
: Agree, agreeeee! MLP is the more correct denomination for Members of the
: Ladonian Parliament. Can also be interpreted as More Locusts in the Pan...
: Count Torby

pls submit my application for the membership into the Ladonian parliament l cant reach state secretary.
kemal yildirim

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