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Posted by Nemo on October 31, 1997 at 11:05:18:

In Reply to: Re: Nothingness - Poem & Office posted by Count Torby on October 30, 1997 at 17:49:25:

: : Well, this week was a pause-week for The National Poem of Nothingness. I have received, so to say, nothing. Anyway, one can look upon it as a sort of contribution!

: : I decided to creat an office, which will souly concern with the matters of Nothingness. Here I shall collect everything which has anything to do with the absence of things.

: : You are welcome to give me any tips on how nothingness shall be conquered. Yet, while the emptyness is ruling, we have to please it in some way or another. As one such thing I prepared a tribute to the perfect Nothingness.

: : Absently yous,
: : Nemo
: : Ex uihilo kvedam fit

: : PS.: Oh, and don't forget about the Poem - its prophecy is still waiting to be fullfilled!

: Well.
: Thinking about nothing is a blessing. But also a contradiction. If you
: think about nothing, you actually think of something. Thats nothing. Do you
: get my point?
: And if you establish an office of nothingness, there is something. Absolute
: nothing must be something like nirvana, the total nothingness. But if you think
: about that, nirvana also is something. That makes me wonder, is there really
: something like nothing? I have never seen nothing... Except when my beercan
: is empty.
: De nihilo nihil (of nothing becomes nothing), Titus Lucretius Carus.
: Greetings from Count Torby, Lord of Roses, Minister of History

I would first like to refere to Slow Waver, and especially to the passage about time. Time and nothingness have much in common! One cannot measure nothingness, and one cannot point at something and say: "That is nothingness!"

One just have to sit down and think, imagine, what the nothingness would be like. And every person have its own nothingness to confront (like your empty beercan)!


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