The Slow Waver

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Posted by Baron Johan on October 24, 1997 at 19:38:03:


In the last channeling session the female entity Ruffu presented
herself. She spoke of a gateway of Light. At the other
side she could see a tall, well-dressed man with a pipe (slunga) in
his left lowered hand, making a very slow wave with his other hand. He spoke
to Ruffu presenting himself as Captain Hillman.

As usual she told us many things from her own head. She loves to talk and
she is really a wise entity, no doubt, but as we have come to know her we
have learned not to be to overwhelmed by her presence. She has a mission to
mediate Hillman's thoughts, but she is more fond of her own thoughts. She uses
her charm to stand in focus and frankly, not much of Hillmanīs own wisdoms usually
pours through. This time we asked her to concentrate on Hillman. She laughed
and said that he was waving because he was saying farewell. She could se him
smile under his big moustache pointing to the northern sky were a nothern light
was dancing on the stairs. "Time is motion and time is everywhere. Time creates
time. The vaccum is timeless. Insert matter and time enters. Thats why timelessness
is unmeasurable. And remember, there are no such thing as Chance. Ladonia, seek
your Fate. Know your Fate. Time is a changing. Fate is not."

We took farewell of Mr Hillman as he, according to Ruffu, left the ground flying
towards northern skies, with his pipe and a little trunk. We cracked open some
beers and drank mutely in homage of the strange traveller, the slow waver. We
pondered on the slow waving. This is like slow-motion. Time slows down. It's not
a constant, but it's still a constant.

For now

A slow wave

Baron Johan

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