Philosophy of Ladonia: most necessary!

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Posted by Franco Von Gelli on October 26, 1997 at 21:39:16:

An interesting concept this Ladonia. Howevere, do you have enough metaphsyical underpinning? Only true philosophy can do that. I suggest the key, normative concept here should be USEFULNESS. I am not myself a utilitarian but I am not afraid of words. The Ladonia idea is a very useful one. Its consequences can generate a great deal of happiness for so many people. At the same time you need a critique of present-day states. It is self-evident to me that bigger is not better or more beautiful. ( a guy who weighs 20 stones isn't necessarily better than one who weighs 12!). Small is not only beautiful, it is more man-sized, more appropriate, more perfect.
Furthermore, today's European states stink. They are coalition of shady capitalist interests. They have no moral integrity or justification. I suggest Ladonia should be a coalition of free spirits, free Is, who all agree to serve the Absolute I, the Universal Consciousness of beauty and truth.
Lastly, Ladonia also needs religion. Sweden may be tired of its boring Lutheran state church, complete with trendy priestesses, but ordinary men hanker after a Holy One, a true object of worship and reverence and awe. I am willing to be the High Priest of this high Absolute.
To all lovers of beauty and truth, hail!
Franco Von Gelli

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