Re: Ladonia an eyewash without depth?

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Posted by Lord Lars on September 21, 1997 at 16:04:15:

In Reply to: Re: Ladonia an eyewash without depth? posted by Count Torby on September 18, 1997 at 10:40:27:

: : Beloved Ladonians
: : (and I mean both of you),

: : A proud nation took its first independant steps just
: : a little over a year ago. And without question, we
: : have had success in making us visible outside Kullaberg;
: : at least in Sweden, recently also in Norway.

: : This results mainly from our honoured SS' visibility and
: : commitment. To his art and to our nation.

: : And, compared to other micronations (if such a comparison
: : is allowed) we are huge more than 2,000 citizens/subjects.
: : (By the way, shouldn't it be subzens or citijects since Ladonia
: : is a Remony?)

: : However, following debates, both within the cabinet and here
: : on the discussion board, makes me wonder if this after all is
: : nothing more than a wishful illusion without depth.

: : Where are all Ladonians? I know we are nomads, constantly on
: : the move, but somewhere on the way there should be some kind
: : of a communications link.

: : I challange you all to prove me wrong! (Hopefully I'm am.)

: : Reply to this message, if only by stating you are out there. And by
: : doing so, make this discussion board explode to kingdome come.

: : It would be woth it.

: : Lord Aslak Viking
: : Minister of Propaganda

: To venerable lord Aslak Viking and all worthy ladonians!
: Ave!
: A wishful illusion without depth? I do not think so. We are in
: fact very real. I think, so I am, was it not so? And thoughts has in
: fact a real depth. I hope anyway. But I am also concerned about where
: our fellow ladonians may be. We are as you point out approx. 2,000
: citizens. Do we hear from them all. Unfortunately not. It may be that
: we have to think of something very spectacular to boost the interest
: in participating in ladonian daily life. Let us think about it.
: In the meantime, I found something that might be worth testing. There
: is a program called ICQ that gives instant communication between the persons
: who put this in their cans. Unfortunately not yet for macintosh users.
: So I cannot myself use this. But the information says there will be
: a Mac version soon. Try it out.
: Greetings from Count Torby (Who is right now preparing to defend the embassy in Falkenberg)
: Teneo lupum auribus (I keep a wolf by the ears)

I'm out here, thinking of summer and salty seas. And when winter comes and the yachts are on land, then it can be nice to have something to look at. Therefore I've bookmarked this site: It is the home of Whitbread Round the world Race. One of the toughest sailing races on the seven seas. So if any of my fellow Ladonians are the slightest interested in boats, make a journey to the Whitbread site.

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