Re: What about art? Födgeniet Lars Wilks

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Posted by Traceme Moron on November 19, 1999 at 16:56:53:

In Reply to: Re: What about art? Födgeniet Lars Wilks posted by Richard Barone, Sr. on November 15, 1999 at 00:02:13:

: : Lars Wilks is a great teacher. He has ripped every single one of you "citizens" off - big time! I can't believe that people can be so stupid that they buy themselves a false identity in the "Ladonian nation" (how old is he anyway?)... You pay for his living and he's laughing behind your backs! That's for damn sure. Wilks doesn't take his work seriously himself, but you people do! So my dear Jenny, as an artist you must be able to rip people off and make them believe that you have something to say even if you don't. And you have to make PR for your work. Learn from Wilks, he's an expert. Why not a silly website, like this one?

: Other then a bitch. What do you offer the people should they disband from VILKS? What offer of hope can you give other them a "slap stick" how bad Vilks is. What is so exceptional about yourself? Vilks is a suprising success story. Indeed, what is yours?

LOL! To answer the first question: YES! People should tell Wilks to go to hell! Why don't you? This is all a major fraud based on one big trick, namely this: Wilks says: "Art is only for the elite, the ordinary people don't understand it. Let's make art for the people!" But he is still claiming his work to be something special, namely "art" - not just a mound of stones and some other crap - and people believe him!!! That's the main reason he is laughing behind your backs. Cause you have no individual taste, you just look up to the professor and say "Wow, he may be a little 'crazy' but this is... after all... ART! He's a professor isn't he? Then it must be art!" But it's the same old shite. There's nothing new to it, it means nothing and it's not beautiful. Provoking yes, but nothing else.

And Wilks is indeed a "success story", but unfortunately not a surprising one. Tourists with cheap interests have been the same all the time. It's BECAUSE OF YOU Wilks is a success story, don't you understand that?? "Buttman", the King of porn, is also a success story.

My story of success? Well, I tried to tear the shit down but it really wasn't any success. Wilks has obviously a lot of free time, cause he built it all up again within a week or two. But we will win in due time! Einstuertzende Neubauten!

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