Re: What about art? Födgeniet Lars Wilks

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Posted by Traceme Moron on November 30, 1999 at 14:37:18:

In Reply to: Re: What about art? Födgeniet Lars Wilks posted by Richard Barone, Sr on November 29, 1999 at 21:29:32:

: Why is Lars doing these things in your view? I see it as improvements upon nature. What do you see it as?

I see it as a destruction of nature (which it in fact is; endangered falcons are disturbed, the mointain becomes polluted and worn by the thousands of tourists concentrated on such a small area). And I also see it as an aestethic disaster, but that's just my oppinion and I know lots of people don't share it.

And the reason Lars is doing this i absolutely, without doubt, to satisfy his own ego and need for fame. But of course, that's not a bad thing and none of my business either, if it wasn't for some disturbing facts: a) the pieces of "art" are litterally built on my backyard and I don't like that. b) he claims Arx & Nimis to be "art" and therefore something almost holy. The swedish authorities that want to remove them are therefore nothing but bloodthirsty nazis and/or clowns in his oppinion. Hes correct in the last statement (clowns), but it is amazing that some ignorant people "buy" the other oppinion as well. And that's just another thing that annoys me - people seem to totally loose their sense of common criticism that they always have in any other matter. People don't buy a useless car but they blindly accept the words of Vilks as if they came from some kind of Messiah. Vilks is a Messiah in his own eyes, but don't, please don't be so silly that you believe him! Open your eyes! The emperor have no clothes!

The only thing pro-Nimis that I can think of is that some people find it beautiful. And OK, feel free to think so. But don't be so incredibly childish that you jump on the whole Ladonia-thing as well. He's just trying to raise an oppinion and pay his bills. Don't let him succeed.

Another example that I just have to share with you: Vilks lost in court and had to pay some money as a punishment for his crime. What do he do?? Well, he's not stupid when it comes to business! He SELLS his fines (or whatever it's called, I have no dictionary) AS ART to a lot of stupid people!!! He actually made a buck on the courts decision! I didn't know wether to laugh or cry, but you've got to have a really graven kind of humour if you're laughing at this! How, how on earth kan people do that?? Man, I have no words...

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