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Posted by the czar of nothing. on December 28, 1998 at 12:33:28:

In Reply to: Re: Aggression posted by Sir Truth of it on December 19, 1998 at 20:30:23:

: : : LPL Full agrees with the USA and Grea britains attack to Hussein but we believe tha these kind of actions must be taken after bigger concetration and the Worldwide community must to be informed before any action taken

: : I, personally, am against any use of weapons for solving conflicts. This Anglo-American aggression has been performed _without_ preliminary consultation with UN and _without_ any clear reason for why the aggression has started. Moreover, USA has declined an Iraky peaceful proposal of opening all military objects for inspection in exchange for lifting of the embargo. It seems as if USA is more interested in keeping embargo (and in keepin Irak under its heel) than in Peace. This action has definitly set any chance for peace in the region back for at least five years or more.

: : I feel that Ladonia, as a peace-loving country, should express its protest against Anglo-American actions, thus joining such counties as France, Italy, India, Russia, Pakistan, and many other.

: : Nemo.

: I do recall I fellow known as Hitler. Talk, Talk, Talk. "There is a time to act..." I wonder why all non-Christian nations need to send spies and fail in everything they do and cry mommy America help us. Because Jesus said it best "Without me YOU CAN DO NOTHING."
: Thus, Japan to Iraq fail because 1 Christain nation is worth a billion times any other and a Trillion times more then Iraq's Saddom.

missiles are like the male genitalia - the penis. it corrupts the mind and thoughts of those bearing one. rape is the only true male action and thought. the male gender or sex construction must be wiped off the surface of the earth in order to let humaity prosper. But the fact is that god loves manhood, agression and hate. God loves america!
I say: FxxK IT!!!

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