Re: Aggression, god loves america = Divine nation.

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Posted by the czar of nothing on January 18, 1999 at 11:50:12:

In Reply to: Re: Aggression, god loves america posted by Nemo on January 15, 1999 at 20:36:00:

: : : ......But the fact is that god loves manhood, agression and hate. God loves america!

: : : Did God tell it to you personally?

: : Not only did he tell me, he sent Divine "tomahawk" missiles from the sky and killed some innocent Irakian citicens, and even showed how he disliked the UN.
: : You see, maybe it's hard for an european to understand, but in America we trust in God, not only believe. That means that we are the chosen people of God. We bring divine justice to earth. UN is the construction of the weak democracys like in scandinavia for example. The world cannot be ruled by weakness, it must be ruled by divine force. Nuclear weapons is the hand of God, and Saddam and the fascists of Serbia will soon have too face the will of God. And the fire of Hell.

: : God rules and judges over the earth through the American people, who trusts in Him.
: : God loves America!

: Only in a dictatorship can a trigger-happy guy send "Divine 'tomahawk' missiles from the sky and kill some innocent ... citicens"

: Sorry, I stopped believing in God when I started believing in justice.

:'s a piti USA stopped being a democracy.

: If you mean that "Nuclear weapons is the hand of God" than you must also sure mean that God reaches His hand to both Russia, India, Pakistan, etc. thus expressing His wish to spread the power, never concentrating it in one dictatorship.

Of course God loves nuclear weapons in the hands of strong people/nations. But most important of it all: God loves the nuclear missile - in the shape of a penis: the expression of penetration and hate. The male sex is bound to rule the earth through hate and violence. And that is America: hate and violence, it is even built upon it since the holocaust of native indians. The strongest and most violent people and nation survives and prospers. But in the end it's all about the opposition male/female. The male spirit of agression will always use atrocity to rule. Atrocity is America. God loves America!

the czar of nothing, who TRUSTS in God.

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