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Posted by Terry Leoni on December 18, 1998 at 07:15:49:

In Reply to: Reply to "Re: Nobility, Ministry, etc" posted by Matthew Sinclair on December 18, 1998 at 06:24:39:

: : : To clarify my situation:
: : : I am a Ladonian citizen. I have my passport. However, when I applied for citizenship, I also applied for nobility. I never received anything on it. I'm looking to become a Lord. Also, I have sent a proposal for the creation of a Ministry of Transportation and me as the Minister. I would like anyone who can help me to reply in either an e-mail or on the message board.
: : : Sincerely

: : : Matthew Sinclair
: : : Ladonian Citizen
: : : Noblility hopeful
: : : Minister in the works

: : How can you think that it is so simple to become a lord? It is not something that you simply request and it is given to you. Have you referenced the Ladonian Nobility page yet? You either pay for a noble title or you do enough that perhaps one will magically come your way. If you are an American, like myself, why should you want a title anyway? It is against the law to declare it, and it seems rather old-fashioned anyway. I have been a member of Ladonia for two years, all that time as foreign minister, I am a cabinet member, I seek to expand Ladonia's insight in the world's affairs. However, through it all I have never deemed it worthy to become a member of the nobility. I am not one to raise my hand in salute of a noble, for I am an American. These Ladonian lords and ladies are not my superiors, they are my peers. These colleagues have the same goals as I do, they have the same intentions. If a title is all you are after in Ladonia, I wonder just what your real intentions for Ladonia are.

: : John Parman
: : Ladonian Foreign Minister

: First, not to be disrespectful, I know that noble titles cost money. I am not stupid. And as for my reason to have it, I am 15 years old. I think it would simply sound cool to say that I am a lord. I never believed that I would become superior to other Ladonians. It was an image. About my intentions for Ladonia...I believe that Ladonia is very unique. Although there are other micronations in the world, I think Ladonia is the most interesting. I became a citizen of Ladonia to be PART of Ladonia. I wish to become involved with Ladonia, which is exactly why I am looking for a ministry to run. I also may become a member of parliament. Most of these things, save perhaps the noble title, are to help Ladonia and to help its citizens.
: Signed

: Matthew Sinclair


The 13th amendment was never radified on this subject as far as I know. Also, when you buy a title it was not given to you. You might ask an offical. I believe recieving a title and buying are not the same thing. If you find out let me know also.

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