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The permanent address of my homepage on the 'net is:


At the time being I study at the Institute for Informatics, although my previouse experience included both Social Science and Humanitarian disciplines. My current timetable can be used in conjunction with The Lecture Catalogue
  • Hovedfag

This term:
  • IN-ODP

Apprehended: (110 vt.)
  • Ex.Phil.
  • Ex.Fac. (SV)
  • Social Economics (mellomfag)
  • Russian (grunnfag)
  • MA001
  • MA108 (partial)
  • IN105
  • IN147
  • IN104
  • IN106
  • IN115
  • IN114
  • IN166
  • IN270
  • IN212 (partial)
  • IN265
  • IN219
  • INF242
  • INF220

Groupteacher jobs:
  • IN147 (2 times)
  • IN104
  • INF103
  • INF240
  • INF242

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Hva nå?

Du kan finne meg på en av følgende e-mail adresser (jo nærmere begynnelsen av listen, jo større sjansen er for at jeg kommer til å sjekke den!):

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