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Stock Market Plotter and Other Solutions

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These pages contain several Java applets related to the course IN104. You get to the applets by following the links in the table below.

Done Name Description Additional features
StockPlotter Creates plots that show price and volume. It is also possible to use smoothing filters on the price data in order to see trends clearer. Uses only GridBagLayout as the basic layout manager. Reads and treats only banking days in its plots. Highly robust. Fast loading of ticker data.
SingleClockApplet Solution to the excercise in week 37. Filled, scalable hour and minute arms.
MultipleClocksApplet Solution to the excercise in week 37. Possibility to assign any time zone to the fourth clock.
FunctionEvaluator Solution to the excercise in week 38. Supports a wider range of primitive functions. Incorporates an expression interpreter, which allows to evaluate functions of arbitrary complexity.
SimpleGraphApplet Solution to the excercise in week 39 PlotArea is automaticly updated when you select a new function. Supports arbitrary functions.
PlotWindowApplet Solution to the excercise in week 40 Sets all labels
StockReaderApplet Solution to the excercise in week 41 Spacing between quotes
StockPlotterInterface Solution to the excercise in week 42 This solution uses only 1-level GridBagLayout.

Solutions copyleft (l) Stanislav Sokolov, 1999.