INT 21,38 - Get/Set Country Dependent Information

	AH = 38h
	AL = 00 to get current country information
	   = 00-FE country codes  (DOS 3.x+)
	   = FF for country codes >= FF, country codes are in BX
	BX = country code if AL = FF (country code > 255)
	DX = FFFF to set country information
	DS:DX = pointer to buffer to contain country data (if get data)

	on return:
	AX = error code if CF set
	   = 02 invalid country
	BX = country code (DOS 3.x+)
	DS:DX = pointer to returned country data (see COUNTRY CODES)

	- returns a pointer to country specific data, for DOS 3.x+ this
	  function can be used to also set this information