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WarCraft I

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WarCraftStrategy is a keyword in this game. As the sub-title suggests, there are two counterparts in the battle - Orcs (a humanoid race) and Humans.

You can play either part. Moreover, the game can be played by two players - via modem, network or a direct link. You can also create your own scenarios. Which part you choose is a matter of taste, as they are pretty balanced in their power. Though human clerics and orcish warlocks have a different set of spells.
There are several objectives in the game, depending on which level you are playing. Mainly, you should mine gold and chop lumber; build a town; train peasants, footmen, archers, knights or wolf-riders; build up an army, and defeat the opponent. Although it is not that simple as it sounds. First of all, the areas you haven't discovered are invisible to you. Second, there are more or less constant raids, organized by your opponent. Third, strategy is everything in locating you war power at key points. And fourth - you must pay for everything...

Luckyly, there are some cheats available (some times it's almost impossible to live without them!). You might also wish to download an cheat pack (217K self-extractor archive), which includes unit editor (edit men, buildings, spells and technology), gold/lumber editor and the cheat codes. If you find yourself standing still at some level, do have a look at an FAQ for War Craft.

Gaming hint: Set up defence lines in the areas the enemy has to cross. Form the primary defence line from archers, then place foot men right in front of them. Behind the archers you may add catapults and a couple of clerics or other magic users to heal. When the enemy comes at shooting range, the archers will fire, while the footmen will keep the enemy from slaughtering the archers. Use the healers to heal footmen. This strategy can also be adapted on orcs.

And here are four screenshots for the curious: getting mission information (Human campaign), getting mission information (Orc campaign), game field, and viewing mission results. In the main game field note the invisible part of the territory on a small map in the upper left corner. Clicking on that map, will instantly bring the player to a desired location.

And here is a link to help you through: a great FTP site with lots of cheats and hints
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