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StuntsIf one can fly, why shouldn't one drive? - And, it is better to crash and burn while driving a simulated car, than while driving a real car. Don't you think so?

Stunts, as the name suggests is a racing simulator. You can drive a large variety of cars through quite unrealistic obsticals. The cars vary from a fast Porsche March Indy to a slow Lamborghini LM-002. You can also select several opponents, from aclumsy beginner to an 'ace'. If you get tired of one track, you can always design a new one in a pretty good track editor. When the race is over, you can go to replay and see all the cool scenes of your driving from various angles, from a chopper or from a camere-man's point of view...

That's too good to be true, you might think. No. The game has a couple draw-backs. First of all - the cars seem to be very light. The fly all too easy out of the road. The scenery is neither too realistic, but what the heck? - The feeling of speed is there...

I've got some pictures from the game to illustrate my points. I was driving Porsche March Indy... Selecting a car, selecting an opponent, turning point, a jump by a loop, an almost turn-over in front of a high-way, replay mode, and crash and burn.

If you have this game, you might wish to download some add-ons: A collection of my tracks (14K), a collection of tracks I got from my friends (25K) and some replays of cool driving and crashing (19K). (Everything is packed into self-extracting archives.)

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