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Seafight SeaFight

Welcome to a game, where you can combine your logic skills with your luck. You and computer place your ships on your respective fields, and the fun begins. Using some additional logic for each level of difficulty, the computer tries to annihilate your ships, while you are trying to do the same to the computer. The most difficult level provides you, and the computer with a radar. On this level placing the ships strategicly is crucial, as the more irragularily they are placed, the more difficutl it is for radar to detect them.

The rules of the game are well described inside the game - just press F1 to get them. Yet, most of people would recognize the game as they would have surely played it on paper at some point in their school-life. You can see a screenshot from the main play-screen, where the ships have already been placed, and some of them destroyed; note that help is active in the status part of the screen.

Gaming hint 1: Shoot at such intervals so that you will eliminate the four-unit ship first, then reduce the intervals to eliminate all the three-unit ships, and so on.
Gaming hint 2: Do you find Hi-tech fighter level difficult? There is cheat in the game. In radar mode press Ctrl-F3, you will be transfered to another program, which will show you some or all of the computer ship's locations. Green square means a part of a ship is there, magenta - the program is unsure, black square - there is definitely nothing there.

This game is one of my productions, and is available for download from my site.

You may also find it interesting to try another variant of this game, made independently of my project by Victor S. Efimov.
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