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Lotus Turn off your thinking and turn on your reflexes... it's Lotus time! This drive simulator will not give you a realistic driving experience - the only thing that's real, is the sence of speed! In fact, with its simple and at the same time awsome graphics Lotus is the fastest running games I've encountered - even on a 386!!!

Lotus Driving controls are very simple. You may choose an automatic or a manual mode, but beyond that, it's just pressing the gas pedal. You may bump into obstacles and other cars, but the only effect is the speed reduction - you will never crash. You can drive alone or compete with your friend; against clock or in a championship, when refuelling is very important. Choose between 13 differens scenarios, where space town, mountains, desert, and highway, where you can zig-zag on an opposite lane, are just a few of them. You can also define your own courses, adding more obstacles, making turns sharper, and so on.

All in all, this is the best game if you want to relax from mental activities. I can recommend you trying this game, while playing Dire Staits' music in the background...

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