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Eye of the Beholder III

Assault on Myth Drannor

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Eye of the Beholder III

Meet the downfall of the Beholder Triology (see also Eye of the Beholder I and Eye of the Beholder II). Eye of the Beholder is not what it once was. The game has become slower, more depressive and less intriguing. The only ones whome I would recommend to play it, are those who played the first two episodes and simply cannot leave half way through...

Myth Drannor now and before You are asked by someone of strange looking to rescue Myth Drannor. Strangely enough, you accept the offer and are teleported to a graveyard not far from the city. From there you push your way though many obstacles to the city's temple, face the God who is responcible for the present sate of the city and defeat him.

A magic knight The game features several new ideas, compared to the prequels. You have open areas (forest and the city), movement through a thicket maze in the forest, and an underwater level. Many new spells and (magic) items are added - so many that you almost do not have a chance of trying them all. The two spells which you should have constantly "on" are "Haste" and "True Seeing" - the last one will not only show you hidden passages, but will also warn you about which items are blessed (blue) and cursed (red). The puzzles are, on the other hand, are quite trivial. They are ususally of the types find-the-right-combination and find-the-right-item. The improvement that I liked is a multiple character selection option, which allows several charaters to attack simultaniously. Here is a screenshot to show what I mean, and to illustrate some other points

It finally appears that the plot is a double-cross delux! The Lich was after all the last guardian of Myth Drannor, and not the terror of it. In the Temple of Lathander you eventually meet the aparition of this God of Goodness, who asks you to help him and other Gods to destroy the physical form of the Evil God, the one, who started the whole thing! After solving several not-so-original puzzles in the temple, you finally find the entrance to the chamber of the God. Congratulations! Defeating him and his goons is a simple task as long as you are side-stepping often. It was almost disappointing how fast that God went down - killing Xanathar in EOB I and Dran Draggore in EOB II was a much more difficult task! Well, when the Evil God is dead, you'll see Lathander once again. Lean back and watch the closing scene, which is alas is not as good as in EOB II.

However improbable it might sound, you might get stuck at some place in the game. Should this happen, refer to the FAQ, and view the maps with a good level of detail. If you want a more dramatic help, read these cheats (at your own peril), and you may even download a character editor (RAR archive, 35k). Have you lost your manual? Don't worry, here are the solutions to some questions or, if you are bored by these questions, why not fix the program altogether..?

The last thisng that you see...

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