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Forest activities

Part two

'The Independence Day' The gong sounds. The sunset is near. Some of us go to the highest point of the clearing to admire the last rays of the Sun. It is already almost absolutely dark, the narrow belt of reflected sunlight gets narrower and narrower, until it disappears behind the horizon. Distant lights of Oslo replace it. While it is still somewhat light, the clouds form a "UFO", and one can almost get an "Independence Day" feeling . . .

Sunset over Oslo The second part of the sunset is calmer and more majestic! The reg glow of the Sun reminds us of our fire, which awaits our return. The sun, the fire, and the clear air of the evening makes you feel as if you are in some fairytale . . ! We go down to our fire and throw more wood into it. The fire licks the fresh logs, roars as if enjoying its food, and rages to greater height. The night has begun . . .

Mats and I sitting by the fire The second sausage-round is on. Mats devours his "black boy" sausage, which is carefully packed into bread to hide its blackness. (Oh, reader, don't get deceived: Mats does not smoke a hash cigar on this picture!) The fire burns low, giving us a possibility of preparing our sausages without burning them (although Mats manages to do it anyway!). When we feel that the strength came back to us with the food, rich with everything, except for meat, we through a few more logs into the fire.

The burning fire Licking the fresh logs the fire roars and begins to rise. Flares of burning pitch zoom up into the clear sky, and merge with stars. The blaze of the flames becomes very intense and almost unbearable. We retreat somewhat to the safety of our great sitting log, and relax, listening to the music on tape and radio, and talking to each other . . .

Later, some or all of us can do some wandering through the darkness of the forest, using lanterns, military light, some primitive torches, or just our night-sight.

A torch in the night Bearing a flaming torch, Njål wanders through forest. The light from the flames paints the surroundings red. The feeling of awe captures your soul. The unstable shadows form monsters, trolls and dragons, making your heart leap . . . This is a great inspiration source for our favourite role-playing, the light of the open fire makes imagination run wild! This feeling persists you until you see the reality, revealed by flash-light.

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