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Posted by Count Torby on April 02, 1998 at 10:55:09:

In Reply to: Re: Rainforest Warriors posted by Sir Nemolom on March 27, 1998 at 19:49:03:

: : Our beloved Queen Ywonne have had the grace to propose an
: : order of Knights. The said order should commemorate theirselves
: : to defend and honor all of our planets rainforests. Truly
: : an honorable cause!
: : I, Count Torby, wishes strongly to aid this noble and valiant
: : wish. And also, by the way, there might be some good training
: : in martial arts in a cyberworld called Marathon.
: : The very ugly swedes seems to have occupied some transportvessel
: : of the heroic Ladonians onboard. The training is of a very primitive art,
: : worth trying.
: : Panem et Circenses
: : Count Torby

: Dear!
: It truly is a honorable cause,
: but my point of wiev is that the knights should not be FORCED to commemorate themselves to this subject.
: Id say they should feel free to select the honorable cause of their own heart,
: and one SHOULD expect each knight to choose one.
: Its a question about limits.
: Do we want to limit our knights in this way?

: Sir Nemolom Behemot T.I.H., Earl of Wanderers,
: Head Secretary of the Special State Office of Nomads,
: Manager of the Zafigomchic.

: A fronte preacipatium, a tergo lupus

Best Earl of Wanderers, worthy sir Nemolom etc. etc. etc.
But of course there should be no force in the cause
concering the defendance of our rainforests. I assumed
from the beginning the thing should be done by everyones
free will. Whoever heard of anybody in Ladonia forcing
their will upon anybody else?
Count Torby
Videant consules ne quid detrimenti capiat Ladonium!

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