Ladonia's coastline

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Posted by Nemo on March 25, 1998 at 18:42:42:

Hello Ladonians!

I was sitting at home, viewing Jacques-Yves Cousteau Society's internet pages and thinking about the seas on our planet. And while thinking about seas, my thought wandered to Ladonia, and the sea that it looks onto.

Then I realized that Ladonia has the longest coastline in the world! One can perhaps say that for example Norway, with all its fjords has the longest coastline, but would disagree. It is a matter of measuring. If one measures the length of curvature of each stone which touches water in the Ladonian coast, one would come to an impressive number! You can again say, that Norway could do the same, if they wanted to. My reply is: Norway or any other country except for Ladonia would never do it.

We, ladonians on the other hand, with our eonatic lifestyle and time on our side can lead such a project.

What if every wanderer, who comes to our land should measure a small part of the coastline (3-4 stones), and note it in a log book. In that case Ladonia would be able to show that it has the longest coastline in the world and the most dedicated citizens?

I think it can be a juicy topic for discussion in the Parliament (if we got more MPs to discuss with). At the time being there are two MPs: Geir Stene and Erik Tveteras, and they (as well as I) are looking forward for a greater number of people to discuss state affairs with.

A Speaker of the Parliament

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