The Parliament opens on the 1st of March

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Posted by Nemo on February 27, 1998 at 14:23:10:

Dear citizens!

In three days there comes a date worth remarking. The opening of the Ladonian Parliament.

The idea of a Parliament is an old one, at least it goes through half of Ladonia's existence. Baron Johan, beginning his work on the Parliament saw it to become an institution, which primary four devices are:

- Be active
- Be open
- Be tolerant
- Be balanced

These words also appealed to me, so I joined the work. The primary idea behind these devices is: the MPs should be active with proposing new ideas, discussing and criticising them. Yet a worthy discussion is impossible if everybody would sit on his rock and shut out other's ideas - thus openness. However being open is not enough. You can hear to other's ideas and still reject them as stupid, not worthy discussing. Here tolerance comes in. A balanced amount of the first three keywords should lead to a productive discussion. If all the four devices are present, the members of the various discussions would hopefully not feel hurt if their ideas will meet strong criticism.

The outline of the Parliament and its functionality still remains to discuss and accept, although quite a lot of work has already been done (See Parliament Discussions). The current proposal is that the Parliament would consist of an unlimited number of chambers with 24 MPs in each chamber (18 commons + 6 nobles). Everybody is welcome to become an MP. So if you, oh honoured reader, want to become an MP, send me an e-mail.

The agenda of the Parliament will be presented on a separate board. Every MP or citizen is free to propose ideas for the agenda. These ideas will then be discussed among MPs, and the results of their creative work will either be presented here on the Board or in The Herald.

Finally I would like to say that Ladonia is a country with large potential resources. Although Horatius says that there is more talking than doing in Ladonia, what would happen to the country if the things were first done and then discussed. Ladonia is still young so it is not strange that talking dominates. Yet it is rather often more difficult to talk over a good idea, than to realise it into life. The Parliament will do the job of preparing the ideas to enter the reality (if the reality is ever to be found).

A Speaker and your humble servant...

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