Horatius resigns. Starts Bakpartiet.

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Posted by Ladislaus Horatius on February 26, 1998 at 22:04:25:


As you might know if you've read the latest Herald, I have resigned as Minister of Sophistry, Court-Jester, Killjoy, Pain in the Ass, etc.

When the Cabinet said yes to Franco Von Gelli as Minister of Philosophy -- a decision I must respect -- they thereby made my presence in Ladonia superfluous. (Apart from slightly hurting my feelings.)

Hurt feelings is not enough reason to quit, I know. However, this, in combination with my discontent over the present direction of Ladonia, has made me decide to leave. Not to go into the Glacier -- I can't stand the cold -- but simply resign. Man ska sluta när det är som bäst, as the Swedish enemies are fond of saying. If that is true, I even waited too long.

I joined Ladonia because I like serious games. (In my everyday work (lecturing, writing articles, etc.) there is not much room for games.) Lars Vilks struck a pantagruelistic/pataphysical chord in my heart with the creation of Ladonia, to which I responded readily. And when I was elected Court-Jester I felt like a fish in Vättern.

Lars knows a thing or two about pataphysics. You know, Alfred Jarry, "King Ubu", and all that. PLEASE, don't EVER confuse Jarry with that synthesizer bungler Jean Michel Jarre, who, by the way, reminds me of an anecdote involving Anders Eljas, arranger and musical helper of Abba (very popular in the enemy country).
Anders once taught me (a narrow-minded ten finger-player), in his own inimitable way, "how one plays the synthesizer". Ready? Put your left hand behind your back (you won't need it). Then isolate the little and ring fingers of your right hand with some strong tape (Gaffa). You now have the full equipment (3 fingers) neccessary to play something by Jean Michel Jarre. On your marks, ready, OXYGEN!!
By the way, Alfred Jarry admired Rabelais and even wrote an opera called Pantagruel. Thus there really is a connection between pataphysics and pantagruelisms (Rabelaisian pranks), what I have described as two of Ladonias primary qualities or colors. Thanks to Lars Vilks, a practising pataphysician.

There have been many rabelasian ideas in Ladonia. The Ladonia Water (or ROCK) Festival, the Ladonian hit song "Örtug, örtug, örtug", ladonian films like "Ladon, the barbarian" and "For a few örtugs more" (a western), the Miss Ladonia Contest (looking swell in evening-dress, bathing-suit, plus ability to talk Latin with pebbles in mouth), burning down the Swedish Skansen to avenge Nimis and Arx, etc., etc. These are only some of the ideas coming from yours truly, obviously many other ministers and commoners also have presented more or less brilliant ideas.

Ladonia, in spite of its "wordly success", its quickly growing number of citizens (or perhaps because of them?) has problems. One of them is translating ideas and visions into some kind of reality. Ideas in Ladonia stay ideas. Not even a relatively easy thing as the Vadstena Summit materialized. Ministers hardly even answered the invitation. What we have now is talk, talk and no action. That is, beyond the action of writing e-mail, which, I think you allow, is not much of action. Of course Lars is active in many ways, working with his hands, building, reconstructing, etc. But that's *him*.

I also think there's a "Swedefication" of Ladonia. Remember, those people are our enemies! Watch out, or this country will turn into LAGOMIA! Some of our more recent and vocal ministers are bureaucratical to a fault. The whole pataphysical spirit seems to be lost. (I suspect that many ministers even use deodorants!!)
Then there's lot of New age sentiment (sentimentalism) here. When the "etheric" Ladonians speak about New Ladonia it sounds almost as New Jerusalem. We hear proclamations of how Ladonians can do EVERYTHING, about how FREE we are, unfettered, unrestrained, etc. It's almost like Ladonians didn't have to eat regular food (or shit) to survive! This also leads to contentement with WORDS, WORDS, WORDS. If you are already free and perfect (owing to your Ladonian passport), why lift a finger?

The future of Ladonia is partly depending on who it attracts and who it repels/no longer attracts. This is important. While Lars still was the Boss he attracted through his ideas and personality. How many people would Fernando attract? (Rhetorical question.)

So, Ladonians, this is my cue. Ta ta.
But don't cry -- this ain't the end. I've started a political party! Join me in my new adventure and check out the evolution of BAKPARTIET. http://www.common.se/horatius/bak.htm Sweet pastry, bitter truths, backanaler, bakfylla, Burt Bacharach... YES, the page even has cookies!! Follow the example of Queen Yvonne and the Minister of Unschooling, already members of Bakpartiet. (They even sent a recipe for a cake, how nice.) I think Ladonians would well understand my mix of wisdom (sophistry) and folly.

Ladislaus Horatius

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