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Posted by Sir Nemolom on February 23, 1998 at 20:30:35:

In Reply to: Technical error in the first message - read this instead posted by Nemo on February 23, 1998 at 11:45:22:


Please read the comments below
Sample colour scheme
Netscape paletteGreyscaled
Coat-of-arms in Netscape paletteCoat-of-arms in greyscaled palette

: Dear Ladonians!

: It was long ago that I began thinking about creation of a special style for the Ladoniaboard. Now that the background colour has been explicitly set to white and readability dropped almost to zero, I think the time has come.

: I somewhat modified the Ladonian coat-of-arms to make it fit as a background image. As you see, I created two versions of this image. The "Netscape palette" image will look unchanged on any machine with 256 colours and upwards. The "Greyscaled" image is viewed best on high-colour/true-colour machines, and is somewhat changed on 256-colour machines. If my proposal is accepted, our Minister of Internet can decide which image to use.

: Other colour combinations, which I propose can be seen on the large sample image. The HTML codes are as follows:

: BODY BGCOLOR="#000000" TEXT="#FFFFFF" LINK="#00FF00" VLINK="#FF0101" BACKGROUND="dragn16m.gif"

: Header: FONT COLOR="#008000"

: I feel that this setting will give Ladoniaboard an improved personality, make it special, and last but, not least improve the readability of the text.

: Well, dear fellow citizens, what do you think about my proposal?

: Nemo.
: Ex nihilum non nihil fit.

Eh, sorry
Im not going to become a new minister of killjoy,
but I cannot say I like the idea.
White letters on a dark background is one of the major sins in graphic design,
it is so for a reason.
Please, keep the letters dark and the background light.
I find the idea of having the ladonian shield (crest?) OK,
but in its present form its too active to function well as a background.
Id say, if we decide to change the board,
that we use black letters, and brighten the shield very much up.
Brighten up!

Sir Nemolom

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