Re: The National Poem of Nothingness - still growing!

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Posted by Per Magnus Haaland on February 23, 1998 at 14:55:28:

In Reply to: Re: The National Poem of Nothingness - still growing! posted by Sir Nemolom Trond ivar Hansen, Lord of Wanderers, Head secretary of the special state office of nomads on October 22, 1997 at 17:59:29:

: : And so, from the all-consuming blackness of nothingness there comes a vague shape of Something! Right now it is ballancing on the edge of none-existence, but with more contributions to come the Something will win over this Black Hole!!!

: : I thank all those who have so far contributed to the project. My special thanks go to our Queen for her Royal Contribution!

: :

: :

I hereby proudly present the current results of the work on The National Poem of Nothingness

Waaaaaallll - Uihil - Nothing - Ingenting - Intet - [Nishto] -

Ei Mitään - Rien - Semmi - Nishta - Nada - ...

Nichts -

: :

Read more about the project on ladoniaboard.

!!! I need a "nothing" ending with 'o' to replace ellipsis after Nada !!!

Contributions coming from:
[Nemo] [Ywonne I Jarl of Ladonia] [Count Torby] [Steinar Foss] [Gunnar Jarl of Bjoerksaeter] [Njål Gulbrandsen]

: :
The following languages have been used:
: I hope the good Nemo will apologize me for this gentle factual reminder,
: but the case is that I, in return to Nemo´s message of 11:34:45 10/02/97,
: on 01:35:05 10/15/97 posted both the french and german version of nothing.
: This may seem like nothing, and I will just humbly ask for a place for my name
: in addition to the names who´s already mentioned.

: Taking a low status for the occation:
: Sir Nemolom T.I.H., Lord Of Wanderers,
: Head Secretary Of The Special State Office Of Nomads

Avast there! I have a statement: In latin "Nothing" is "nihil", not "uihil".
Further on, in italian: niente
I'll see what i can come up with in Quenya, Sindarin and perhabs Amman-iâr.

Yours rabiately: Per M. Haaland,
Latinist and recently arrived in the ranks of humble ladonian citizens.

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