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Posted by Baron Mikael on February 10, 1998 at 12:48:50:

In Reply to: Re: Ladonian view of the world posted by Nemo on February 09, 1998 at 15:00:25:

: : According to author Terry Pratchett the world is
: : actually a disc. No, not only a disc, but a disc that
: : lies on the back of a giant turtle floating through
: : space.

: : This idea made me ponder a bit:
: : Is this the true physical shape of the world? Have we
: : all been deceived by the simplicity of the world beeing
: : a sphere? Shouldn't the physical form of the world to
: : some degree mirror how comlex life really is?

: : Is there an official ladonian view of the world, or if
: : not, what to you all think?

: : dolores capitis non fero. Eos do

: A human being has rather a complex construction from inside, yet it is quite simple from outside - not a single exceeding detail!

: So the physical shape of the world can be rather plain from outside, yet contain an extreme compexity from inside.

: Perhaps a Ladonian should look upon the world as he or she would look upon the human being..?

: Nemo.

Hmmm, according to something I read there are no proofs of an actual world outside
our minds. If the world in fact doesn't exist, then there is no way to talk about it since
the only thing in this world is oneself. (maybe I'm just talking to myself now....:) )

Truly, the world, as seen by a human, has probably more to do with the mind than the
actual physical qualities of the world. Can we however define a world after our mind careless
of all other sorts of minds in "our world" who has got a world of their own? The conscious world
of humans are not only an illusion in the physical matter, but also in time. To define a world
throug a human might be somewhat troublesome.

Perhaps Ladonia instead should try to establish a world that can be shared by all beings (if they exist),
but how?

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