Communication of 01-16-98 Order of Knighthood

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Posted by Sir Randal MacNiall Bundy on January 17, 1998 at 05:59:26:

Greetings to all Citizens of Ladonia!

I have enjoyed a great deal of communication with many fellow
citizens, both commoners and nobles who have expressed a great
deal of interest in the progress of "The Knights of Ladonia".
There were so much e-mail received that I may not be able to
answer each one individually so I am hoping to address some of
the issues here. I do not claim to speak for the Order but
I only speak of my own vision of Order.

First, I believe that the Order can not exist without official
charter or sanction of the Queen and the Founding Father, Lars
Vilks. So, as I see it the activity presently occuring is in
preparation for the time that we have received approval.

Sir Nemolom has assured me that he would like to participate
and I am certainly grateful to have him with us as one of the
founders of the Order. I encourage anyone else who is interested
to contact him at:

or myself at:

or to contact the Most Excellent, Lars Vilks to register your
support for, what I believe to be a most noble and historic
event that is unfolding before us all.

Sir Nemolom and I are in agreement as to ideas regarding the
establishment of the Order, it's objectives, and it's ceremoneys
and rituals. I will be submitting to him some of my ideas and
I am sure that he will be sharing with me some of his. We will
also be communicating our ideas to both HRH, the Queen and to
Lars Vilks.

In discussion is that the Order needs a "Master of the Order".
In Ancient times this Senior Knight was refered to as "Master
of the Temple" or as "Master of the Order". I feel as Sir Nemolom
does and many others feel that there is only one logical canidate
and that is our Founding Father, Lars Vilks. For truely without
him there would be no Ladonia, no vision of Liberty for this outpost
of Beauty, Creativity, and Nobility. When I look at the beautiful
pictures of the Coast Line of Ladonia, I see Lars Vilks standing
atop Wotan's Tower. Just as the ancient Knights Templar guarding
the walls of Acre, Lars Vilks is guarding the coast line of our
homeland against all who would seek to destroy that which is now
sacred to us all, the national treasure of our Kingdom, our homeland,
our Ladonia. My vision is that "The Knights of Ladonia" will join
him upon in his Noble Quest. Truely there can be no greater sign
of nobility than this, at least as I see it. Join us if you will,
all are welcomed.

As Always, I am you Humble Servant,

Sir Randal MacNiall Bundy, Citizen - 97-2784

As of the date of January 10, 1998, Lord Sir Randal, Count of Elstow
by commision of Lars Vilks, State Secretary.

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