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Posted by Queen Ywonne I Jarl on January 04, 1998 at 18:08:28:

Dear Ladonians,

A new year has begun as it does every day, every moment of our lives. The two most important events to me during the past year in Ladonia was the birth of Minister Lord Aslak Vikings' second daughter, Linna, on the 25th of February and the birth of President Fernandos' first son, Joao, on the 19th of December. I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr President and Mari, the super happy mother.

During the past year there were repeated discussions about what Ladonia is and what it is all about as well as a lot of confusion about what Ladonia "should" and "should not" be. This has been significant not only for new but also for older members of the cabinet. The latter may have had certain expectations on Ladonia, "the Land of our dreams", and become disappointed when it didn't turn out the way they wished.

For the year to come, starting right now, I wish to express what I envision for Ladonia. I would like to start by quoting Onondaga chief Oren Lyons, in an interview in Swedish television broadcasted on New Years Eve. He said that he would have liked the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution of the USA to have been a Bill of Responsibility instead. He was pointing out the importance of our responsibility as human beings for all other life on earth and for the generations to come. He said that leadership has to deal with responsibility, with vision and with compassion, not with power and authority. I would like to take this responsibility a little bit further and hopefully shed some light on the issue of what Ladonia is for each and everyone of us.

To my best knowledge almost every human being on this planet deep inside has a vision of a world without hunger, a world in peace and all the beauty that comes with it. And I say that the only reason we don't have that kind of a world is that we are not being responsible for that vision. We are not taking responsibility for standing up for that vision belonging to each and everyone of us and yet being so universal. That is the only logical explanation why we don't have the kind of world we say that we want.

I also want to stress that vision is not the same as dream or wishes. To take a stand for a vision does not mean dreaming of a better future or even think of what we want in the future. When you take a stand for a vision it means you start living that vision right at this moment. You don't wait until future is here - You create the opportunities for the vision to come alive instantly. A vision can not come true unless you live that vision 100 %. That is taking responsibility for a vision - to start living that vision even if the circumstances say that you are not even close to create a beginning of that vision. The first thing that will be apparent for you as you take a stand on a vision is that nothing around you will look like that vision. The universe immediately strikes back and tells you that, given the circumstances, your vision isn't possible. That's when most people give up their responsibilities and give in to the trivialities of everyday life.

This is also true for Ladonia. What is possible in Ladonia is sourced by our visions. But when we are not being responsible for our visions that is what we get - no responsibility. People get all tangled up in opinions, fear and confusion instead of visionary power and creativity. And what we get is a seemingly meaningless debate with nonsense, misunderstanding, grudge and disappointment. It is not meaningless however. It is an evident sign of what we are creating. We get what we create. It may be an alarm watch to us that we are not being responsible for our visions. So it gives us an opportunity to get in touch with and recreate our visions - what we really want to stand for, to be responsible visionaries. Thank you all for giving me that opportunity!

My vision for Ladonia is a place where human beings feel free to be visionary leaders. A place where we get the opportunity to get in touch with our true visions and where we take responsibility for those visions and express them powerfully. I would even say that the very essence of Ladonia does not lie in the artworks on the shore of Mare Jenny but it is a vision, first held and shared by one man and then taken on by more and shared further. This is the growing of Ladonia - the growing of the vision. But it can only grow and stay alive as long as we are being responsible and stand up for that vision.

Finally I regret that our former Minister of Sophistry has left us. You have certainly been a person who have been responsible for your vision for Ladonia. Even as you resign you stand up for that vision. Thank you for that courage. And how blessed is the court! Now we have a Spiritual Court Jester and a Former Court Jester.

For the new year starting right now I and the Royal Family wish you all a

Happy New Year
Boldog j vet
Feliz Ao Nuevo
Bonne Anne
Gutes Neu Jahr
Gott Nytt r
Hyv Outa Voutta
Ad Annus Novus Felix

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