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Posted by Tudor Barnard on December 31, 1997 at 15:11:30:

In Reply to: mamdate for the diplomatic service posted by john parman on November 08, 1997 at 19:19:17:

Ho and Hej!
I'm new to this posting business, but I hope you have been ableto read - or will read - my crie de couer (that's not Latin) about becoming Scottish Ambassador to the Court of Ladonia.
I tried to attach it to one of your more recent statements.
If promises of unlimited quantitites of uisquebach free to the citizens of Ladonia will strengthen my positon, I'm prepared to make such a promise virtual.

Laird Glenalmond
: To: the people of Ladonia, et al.

: From: John Parman, chief of the Diplomatic Service of Ladonia

: I have begun to feel, as chief of the diplomatic corps of this great nation that I must prepare a mandate of ideas to the change of our foriegn policy.

: * Create a connective link of Ladonian ministers between not only the noble class but those who are citizens but choose only to observe.

: * Create an international bond with our citizens who, like myself, are not in Sweden and Norway and therefore not allowed intimate contact with the capitol.

: * Create a group of ‘pen-pals’ to communicate with newly-inducted citizens the rules and regulations, what we (Ladonia) can do for them, and what they can
: do for us. Because, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.

: * Take a wider stance on the issuance of ambassadorships, I feel if a person say of Albania (or any other country) wishes to become an ambassador, and there is no opposition, we should allow it. However, if there is any opposition, it should be heard internationally, not just between a select few individuals.

: * Forge a relationship between each Ladonian, help the meek and feed the poor, be pacifists, but remember as a whole you are your country’s strength in a
: time of war.

: * Allow the prolifereation of international Ladonian newspages, not directly run by the Ladonian hierarchy, to aid expatriates in the search for what is internationally, Ladonain.

: That is all I have for now,

: John Parman
: Chief of the Diplomatic Service of Ladonia

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