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Posted by Tudor Barnard on December 31, 1997 at 15:02:21:

In Reply to: Re: Applications for ministries: Pros and Cons posted by Tudor Barnard on December 31, 1997 at 14:53:01:

Hej and Ho!

Last Summer I had the honour to present myself and my entourage to the Secretary of State on the noble territory of Ladonia. I want to be the Scottish Ambassador at the Court of Ladonia. I can't imagine that the lack of formal credentials can be any hinderance here. However, there is one problem, which any nomrally-gifted Ladonian citizen will be able to solve by some neat lateral thinking.
The problem: how to be an Ambassador to the Court of Ladonia and still be able to apply for citizenship of said country??? Waal!
Please will everybody who reads this do the thinking so I can come out of my catatonic state (6 months is a long cat time!) and start serious work to establish a colony of Ladonia in the glorious country of Scotland.
I feel a cultural non-agression pact between our two countries is not called for at the time being.
By the way, don't forget to honour Scottish poet Robert Burns on his birthday 25 January by drinking copious toasts to his memory in uisquebach. If anyone would liketo come to my Haggis Feast on the 25, post me a notice in advance so you can get a written invitation and a copy of the rules of play. We start on the gold course in the afternoon, on go on to other healthy activites thereafter.
If no one has yet thought of it, I'd like to start a golf club in Ladonia and of course build a good golk links.
That's a lot for one time, I'll be shorter in the future.
God Bless Ladonia and all who sail in her!
Happy 1998!
Laird Glenalmond
: : There is someone who is applying to become the Ladonian Minister of Foriegn Affairs, I was wondering if anyone knew or realized that that there is already an office that performs the specific foreign affairs that are so relevent in Ladonia today. It is the Diplomatic Corps of Ladonia, which I am the chief officer, I am hoping everyone will remember that, and I hope everyone will rescind their nomination for a minister of foreign affairs as I am already fulfilling those duties. I would also like everyone to know that I am working around the clock on the David Harlow issue, and have pinpointed his exact address in New Zealand, and have found that in fact he does not run or work for a consulting firm as he said he did, so in this letter, I call for the immediate dismissal of David Harlow ( from the citizenry of Ladonia, and call for a search for an honest ambassador to New Zealand.

: : WAAAL and Merry Christmas,

: : John Parman
: : Chief of the Diplomatic Corps of Ladonia

: : PS: we are still looking for citizens to fill key international posts within the diplomatic office.

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