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Posted by G.Jarl, Min.of Unschooling on December 03, 1997 at 01:48:49:

In Reply to: The Cabinet and ladonians posted by Nemo on December 02, 1997 at 12:40:43:

: All ladonians, hello!

: I've done some thinking (partly together with my friends), and come to the following idea: What about making the Cabinet a bit more open for common citizens? It is a common practice in other democratic countries to give their citizens the possibility of controlling what the government does. The Cabinet could open a WWW-page, where it would publish internal letters, suggestions, ideas and currents results.

: The citizens will then be able to see what the Cabinet does (if it does anything at all), and possibly post some suggestions on ladoniaboard, or mail them directly to the respective ministers.

: Ladonians will then see that Ladonia is actually a living country, and that will probably boost the activity here on the board, and around the projects.

Are you sure you want to read all the crap the members of the cabinet are writing?

We, the members of te cabinet have repeatedly been encouraged by our venerable SS to write here on the board and thus use the board the way Nemo proposes a separate homepage for cabinet discussions.

I think no other arrangements are needed. The reason the members of the cabinet don't let their keypads klick to often on this board is probably that we don't wish to torment their fellow citizens more than necessary with all the rubbish being discussed in the cabinet.

If you persist in reading the drivel you may want to adress certain frequent keypadders to simply make a copy of the twaddle they send to the cabinet and post it on the board. Maybe it will not boost the activity but have an opposite effect and kill all artificial-social web-life that after all still prevails on this vanishing forum. I bet most ministers will not even notice that I or Nemo ever wrote anything on this board anyway.

Well, what the 3! I'll do it the other way around and make a copy of this instead and send it to the cabinet. Maybe that will boost some activity in the cabinet?

BTW.Here is the next part of the "Sex in the cabinet"-serial (internal joke): Try and figure out what the 3 is short for?

Gunnar Jarl
Non scholae sed vitae discimus

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