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Posted by Count Torby on July 21, 1997 at 14:23:07:

In Reply to: Change flagg posted by Ahrne Christianson on July 20, 1997 at 23:32:04:

: I think that the flagg chud bee in another color.

: The green color is the muslims holy color and is used
: by some of the muslim nations. the ladonian flagg could
: also bee mistaken fore the Lybian flagg that is totaly
: green without the cross.

: The green flaggs has also been used by "miljöpartiet"
: in there political campain.

: My suggeston is dark blue but any other neutral color
: is okey.

There is a very simple explanation to the colour of our ladonian
flag. Simply this. We were the first. All other are stolen ideas
since the ladonian flag of old was green with a green cross. The flag was originally
a gift from the gods i.e Herr Beta, who on one occasion felt
pity for the first king in all history, Ladon. Who in the beginning of
time stod upon the shore in Ladonia. Pondering upon the fact that
he had nothing to wave with at the occasion.
And lo, out of the rainy sky the sun looked upon Ladon, who suddenly
saw something come down from the sky.
Mystified he looked upon the strange object until it fell upon him.
When untangled from the mess Ladon found in fact that is was a flag, the ladonian
flag. Out of the sky heard a thunderous voice say:
­ Shit, I lost my napkin. Let it be so. Let the napkin of the gods
be a gift for Ladonia.
Thus, through all times, the ladonian flag is green with a green cross.
Why change it? Let us instead demand that all other countries
with similar flags change theirs...
Count Torby, minister of history, Lord of Roses
Grammatici certant (the learned is quarreling about this)

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