From PROPOSAL to DESICION in Ladonia.

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Posted by Lord Sigwhig on May 20, 1997 at 21:31:36:

Dear Ladonians, Hi and Lo and Behold!

Our dear State Secretary (turned TV celebrity!) wrote:

> Further: Still it is a problem to take decisions. How will they be
> made? As State Secretary it is not easy to summarize what our dear
> cabinet exactly wants.

Smart as we all are (one way or other, as defined by ourselves)
we conclude that this statement goes contrary to the following:

> The aim of Ladonia; at least one important aim is to create
> innovative solutions.

True to our calling we in our labyrintine offices of Idleness
shouldn't care, but we love to remark on inconsistencies of others--
what other joy do we have? Hence: For our two pence's worth, what's
a solution without a desicion? This question touches any heart of
an employee in idleness worth her or his salt--it's pholosophy for
the people. If "we" (as our ven. Secretory so succinctly puts it)
are to "create solutions" and thereby mean something more than any
individual solution, a solution for "we the people of Ladonia", we
better see to at least something to agree on.

It's far and wide between those occations that we from Idleness come
up with solid, concrete, tangible solutions (God forbid) but how about
the rest of you the populace; once you agree on _something_ you may
have either a solution or a desicion or both. See? OK.

Now, _someone_ has to say those miraculous words: "_We_ decided ..".
See? Here enters our bright idea converging with those expressed by
our Secr. of State: Desicions have to be made (oh, we already said
that?) and pron.. pronu... _pronounced_ by a decree issuing body
(a body in the shape of a queen, president [absence-minded in dual
sense] or the Ven. Secret.). See? And lest we shouldn't stray away
from the narrow path of da.. di.. de-mo-crazy, those illustriosities
(yup!) need advicers. The Ministerials too need advicers (at least
most of you others for shore). And transministerial (!) desicions need
to be arrived at by intragovernmental (!!) majority vote. See?

Anyways, we herewith propose a system of peer reviewing of proposals.
So: Post your proposal from respective ministerium, officialize it
here or in the Herald alt. the Board like for a referendum. See?

Solicit supporrt! If too many 'nays', the idea probably wasn't worth the
bytes of bandwidth and is aborted.

Such a PROPOSAL shall be posted with the word PROPOSAL in the headline.

Listen: This is a referendum. Vote Nay, Yeah or Abstain to the
by return mail. See?!

If we can agree on this we might proceed with the Cons..tit..ution.

(Somehow we need to proceed into desicionmaking.) SEE??!!!

Mea colpa.

Min. of I-ness.

Lord Sigwhig
Procrastinate tomorrow! Repent later! Stamp out effuctivity! Stand

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