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Posted by Laird Glenalmond on December 29, 1999 at 18:26:19:

In Reply to: Meeting with God posted by Lord Aslak Viking on December 07, 1999 at 10:12:40:

: Holy Ladonia,

: I’m concerned about the development of Ladonia. Is Ladonia, the foundation and concept, turning into a religion? A religion with only one true purpose: in its own survival?

: While a religion is salvation for its adherents, it can become a nightmare for those who have chosen not to believe. For those that do not share the religion’s basic idea, its concept and its message.

: A religion is (almost) untouchable. The only ones to criticize it are its messengers – the priests and theologians. And its god/gods can not be questioned by anyone. They hold the absolute truth – the answer to how each and everyone’s life should be lived.

: We’re not quite there yet. But perhaps are we getting there. Could it be so, that the Ladonian life spins too much around its own existence – not for the sake of a greater cause or idea? Could it be so, that there are persons within Ladonia that can not be questioned as others? That what they say automatically is considered as The Truth – for the best interest of Ladonia?

: And maybe this is what Ladonia should become – a “religion” in disguise. But in that case, are you prepared to be its diciple?

: The foundation of Ladonia is based on one mans idea – the sacred items are Nimis and Arx. And one can even make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, to Kullaberg in the North West of Skaane.
: The religion is protected by the Father (Lars Vilks), the Son (Fernando Rodrigues) and the Holy Spirit (Horatius). And its commandments can be read in its own Bible (the Herlad and/or on

: The only thing we’re lacking is The Prayer. However, this can be attended to. Since I’ve met God, on several occasions, I can declare myself as his messenger. And here is His Prayer:

: Our Father, which art in Ladonia
: Hallowed be Thy name
: Thy independance come,
: Thy will be done, on earth as it is on the Internet
: Give us this day our daily wisdom
: Forgive us our sins,
: as we forgive those who sin against Ladonia
: And lead us not into temptation,
: but deliver us from Sweden
: For thine is Ladonia,
: and the power,
: and the glory forever.

: Waaaaaaaaaaaal

: Lord Aslak Viking, MLP
: Minister of Propaganda

Dear Lord A,

That's a nice prayer you have put together. But I don't agree with your main thesis, that Ladonia is developing into a religion. In fact, I am more worried by the observation that Ladonia no longer seems to be developing at all. It all seems to be standing still. Like Monty Python, the Goon Show and other great creations, Ladonia seems to have had its flowering and is now slowly drooping. That is our fault, of course, we the citizens, are not creative enough. Maybe we are not paying our taxes properly? Or maybe that is how things should be .. and like the dinosaurs, Ladonia will evolve into ".. something rich and strange" .. as it is already R &S, it will be something else R&S .. or just become boring and so get ignored. The only really serious fault would be to stand still, to fossilize.

Laird G.

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