Coward's Below us

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Posted by 21st Century Prophet on December 17, 1999 at 02:08:42:


I thought it best to be "21st CENTURY PROPHET"!!!
Other then a few strange people bringing havoc on Y2K, or poor nations with outdated computer systems, perhaps. I don't believe God or the end of the world is on the way, at least not yet. No man knoweth the hour = day. But every non-faithful person feels the "heat" and its now. Since God is Omni Present, your not going to hide from him. I'd rather be on the surface where I could run from these folks. If a Russian Nuke came down the people in the ground would be berried anyway. So I'd guess that people will be the biggest story. There reactions, ECT....
But, I think it is amazing how other world leaders are acting now. Today's headlines "Italian Leaders To Go To Secure Bunker." "Y2K - Massachusetts Political Elite Going Into Underground Bunker." I have a link for this one below. Why should they be choice people. While we are left to fend upon the surface! Why didn't they offer us this protection! We elected them! When they come up or out of there shelters. I say REMOVE THE LOT from there offices! In fact, if we make it, and we shall. I say leave them below because they didn't think much of us above ground. Vote them out!!! Change is now people!!! But the leaders started it!

But really, the panic is a man made one. The "saved" of Jesus have a place to go. The rest like the devil will be lost to creation in the end when it really counts.

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