Electronic Camouflage im Ladona

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Posted by Marquis James von Hartman, MLP on November 26, 1999 at 06:09:27:

Fellow Ladonians,

I don't know the configuration or frequency requirements or even if this would work on land. But the idea could save many of Ladonias Art Works, if a working system could be built. Namely, Electronic camouflage. Rummer spread in the Book "The Philadelphia Experiment" claims dematerialization and materialization did take place. If there is any validated to such claims, I think it would be worth trying. Alas, there is reported great danger also. Thus, experiment data would have to be gathered. I was thinking about 'Eddie currents', magnetic, and light absorption fields that would hide objects or bind light around them...
Perhaps powerful pulsating or oscillating fields of suitable high frequence or lower harmonic frequencies. The only trouble is where to gather the technology and required energy. Thus, as minister of future science I ask for the brightest minds to come up with a device or system to make this possible. Thus, Lars Vilks could transport or hide Omfalos in said field. Thereby judge Lennart Svensaeter and Gyllenstiernska
Krapperupsstiftelsen would be "In The Dark" as we might say. Indeed, this idea is FUTURE SCIENCE. But one of you might crack the case or secret. Thus no details will be given until something is shown to work.

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