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Posted by Oto on May 05, 1999 at 13:03:50:

In Reply to: Crisis? Or..? posted by Nemo on April 19, 1999 at 15:30:25:

: Ladonians, ave!

: With a title Crisis? Or releaf? Or maybe the end MLP Lord Aslak Viking has newly presented a breathtaking topic on the Ladonian Parliament's Agenda Board.

: I invite both MLPs and other citizens to take part in this all too important discussion. Go to the Agenda Board and see for yourself!

: Waaaalll,
: Nemo,
: A Speaker of the 1st Chamber of the Ladonian Parliament.

Waaal fellow ladonians (and Nemo)!!

What is important in this question is the diversion between the "Interactive Ladonia" and the "Actual Ladonia". I think it is hard for the citizens on the net to actually notice that Ladonia is a Physical site. How shall we make Ladonia more real is the big question to handle. I have heard that many internet states are "dying" because the citizens notice that it is a kind of fantasy game, but Ladonia IS NOT!! But in times when nationality and borders are disolving and nonimportant (but not on the balkan) maybe it is hard to get that national feeling in a (relatively) new state as Ladonia. How shall we concreticize our ideas in physical evidens in Ladonia that we actually are citizens and that activity in the parliament results in MATTER? When I visit the place called Ladonia, how do I notice that this is a state with 4000 citizens? And how shall the citizens notice that we are actually neighbours? The life of Ladonia is not entirely on the net and in the discussions on the board, it is on the face of the earth, in Ladonia. Now we must help the citizens who longue for a place in the sun to see this on the net and to feel paticipant in the future and building of the Real Ladonia.

A few suggestions that maybe would help:
1. A better map of Ladonia on the site. The one we have now looks like a Tolkien's Middle-earth. Isn't it posible to copy a "real" map?
2. Also mapping the interactive buildings in Ladonia like the House of Nobles and maybe even the Flying Embassy.
3. More pictures of Ladonia and descreptions of what they picture (and from where and what angle).
Fellow Ladonians, please come with more suggestions!! This is maybe not a question of survival but it is on the matter of recognition from the citizens of Ladonia. We must make Ladonia REAL!

With Love and Waall,

Oto, concerned citizen.

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