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Posted by Lord Aslak Viking on March 30, 1999 at 15:36:36:

In Reply to: Absence of noice posted by The Court-fool on March 29, 1999 at 18:41:05:

I hereby raise my noise.

And my noise is the best noise of them all: Words.
They come in all shapes and forms, and we really must take the opportunity
to use them, before the ants take over the world.

Words are life. Life is reality. And the words shape the reality in which we
are living. Life is thought. But no thought is fulfilled util it is dressed in words.
Until then, it's merely a feeling searching for the right words.

Are words noise?

When the words stop talking, reality will disappear in itself. This knowledge
make the ants go an extra turn around their ant hill in the evening. They sit
on their uncomfy beds and tell stories about their ancestors and how they
defeated the bonds of the language by avoiding all talk and all words.

Instead, they started to use something they called Ostensivity, a collective pointing
on objects and happenings they wanted to mention. This lead to the consequence that
their anatomy changed dramatically and they got extremely strong and endurable,
since they were forced to walk around in the woods whenever tghey felt the urge to
communicate. For instance, if they wanted to announce that a friend seems to have
been stoned by someone or somebody, the first had to take all their other friends to
the body of the diceased and then dring themselves heavily unsober to symbolise the
word stoned. Wich must have caused a lot of problems, since alcoholic liquer is
quite difficoult to find in the woods.

And imagine the problems they must have faced when trying to plan their
offspring's upprising and future: They first had to get children, let them grow
old to be able to point on their future, and afterwords point out how they
would have wanted to do, and the get children again to be able to actually do so.

This is the reason why the ants are so small. They shrank because they swore each
time they had to wait on a Ostensivity Occation (wait and point). And it is a commonly
known phenomenon that ugly language within the ant society is punished by washing
the entire ant with hot water and soap.

The day the ants stop swearing, they will take over the world from us humans.
And probably forbid all words.

Noisy regs,

Lord Aslak Viking

PS. I'm considering trying Ostensivity for a while...

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